Coaches and Directors

Coaches and Directors
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David Cameron Head Coach
Jordan Jelmeland Lead Coach and Administrator


 Jordan has been involved with the Otters Swim team for over seven years both as a competitive swimmer and as a coach. With a strong background as a youth swim lesson instructor and certified Total Immersion Instructor, Jordan has shown dedication as a coach for both the Junior Otters and Otters programs. Her work with the junior and midlevel swimmers in stroke development has fed the Senior Otters program with new talent.


Although Jordan is no longer an "Otter", she has continued to pursue competitive swimming in the MN Masters Swimming league. Jordan was also a member of the YWCA Swim for Change Campaign Masters relay team, who successfully crossed the English Channel in July, 2007.

Whitney Jelmeland Lead Coach and Administrator
Noel Hemphill Lead Coach and Administrator
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