Interested in joining the Otters, here is the information you need to know!




 Any potential new swimmers to the team must come to a swim team tryout before starting Otters. This way a coach can see all your swimmers strokes, their endurance level, and let you know if they are ready for Otters or not. If they are not quite ready for Otters we can recommend some ways to help get them ready, and if they are we can tell you what practice group would be best for them to start out in.


How to Schedule a Tryout

To schedule a tryout please email us at [email protected], and we can get your swimmer scheduled to come in and get assessed to be on Otters, and answer any questions. Due to Covid, tryouts are scheduled on a one on one basis, the times and days of when we are able to offer tryouts may vary.

Please have your swimmer wearing their suit already, and wait outside the main entrance to the building- please do not enter or approach the staff at the front desk, as our coaches will be escorting you to another entrance for our spacing protocol from the rest of the building.



What to do if your swimmer has been approved to start Otters


Registration for Otters is done through our website (on the left side under sign in, it says start registration), not through the coaches or coaching office, and not through the front desk at any of our locations, it is done completely online. Once you have been approved for a practice group (Novice, River, Sea, Pre-Senior or Senior) then you can go in and first look for the location you want your swimmer at (Uptown, or Midtown), then pick the practice group that works for you.


  • Example: Uptown Novice 1 is M/T/W/Th 2:30-3:30pm
    • this (example above) is one practice group, the days and time are not interchangeable. Your swimmer can only come on M/W/F at this time. This way we can control the size of each group, and keep the athlete to coach ratio where we want it.



Things to understand about the registration process


  • You are not guaranteed a spot on Otters if you got approval to join after a tryout, or if you are a returning Otter that registers after the season starts. All of our practice groups have caps on them, if the group you want is full when you go to register you can then either go on the waitlist, or pick another practice group. We will do our best to find a group that works for you if we cannot fit you into your first choice.  


  • Returning Otters,at the start of a new season or during mid-season, are not guaranteed their spot that they had in the pervious season. Registration for Otters starts in July and you must go through the registration process to get the practice you want. If you take a break during the season, depending on demand, that practice might fill up when you are gone.


  • New swimmers can start at the beginning of each month, though the Otters will not accept new swimmers to the River and Sea groups in the months of February, March, and July so as to avoid disrupting the competitive postseason. The Preseniors and Senior groups will not accept any swimmers from January - March. Novice Otters can start at the beginning of each month, as long as there is room in the practice group.


  • Otters does not offer a trail period, or drop in practices, it is a month to month fee so if after a month you decide it is not for you just let us know and we can deactivate your account.


  • Registration is an annual process for the Otters, that coincides with USA Swimmings annual registration. It collects information for safety and communication, provides insurance for the team and coaches, and helps us manage the size and planning of practice groups.


  • Any swimmer who signs up between August, 2020 and June, 2021, will be signed up for USA Swimming in the 2021 calendar year. The one time annual registration fee of $98, covers the USA Swimming registration,with enough left over for two latex team caps (required for practice), a team t-shirt, and a building ID Card for each registered swimmer . Swimmers do not need to register more than once during a season.


  • During registration, parents will need to choose a practice group for their children. If the swimmers have been on the team before, swimmers should enroll in the same practice group. Please make sure you sign up for the group you want, if you sign up for a practice group you were not intending to, the group you actually want might fill up.


  • If only a couple swimmers sign up for a practice group then we may need to cancel that practice, we cannot run practices for under 5 swimmers


  • After you register you will be a pending registration until you are approved by Otters, approval depends on if you are a returning Otter, a new swimmer that has gotten approval to start at a tryout or at a Rookie Camp, and if we have room in the practice group you are looking for. Once approved, you will get an email with login instructions.


  • Moving practice groups requires both coach approval of the ability of the swimmers, and administrator approval that the practice group has room for the swimmers.