2022-2023 Season Has Started

Any potential new swimmers to the team must come to a swim team tryout before starting Otters. This way a coach can see all your swimmers strokes, their endurance level, and let you know if they are ready for Otters or not. If they are ready, we can tell you what practice group would be best for them to start out in. If they are not quite ready for Otters, we can recommend some options to help get them there.

What we look for:

  • Knowledge of all four competitive strokes: Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, & butterfly
  • Comfort, endurance level, and ability to take corrections and feedback
  • 50 Freestyle with side breathing & level body position
  • 50 Backstroke with controled arms & level body position
  • 25 Breaststroke, can do whip kick and the arms with breathing, but maybe putting them together is not perfect
  • 25 Butterfly, can do the dolphin kick and the arms, but maybe putting them together is not perfect

Tryouts take 15-30 minutes and are administered by an Otters coach. Tryouts are scheduled on a one on one basis, please email us at [email protected] to start the process of getting a tryout scheduled.

What to Bring/Know

  • Swimmers should come in their swim suits, ready to go



We have a pay parking lot that you can use, there is also parking in the neighborhood and on Hennepin.

The first 20 minutes there is no fee, after the first 20 minutes it is a $1, and then goes up from there

Upcoming Swim Team Tryouts

  • All tryouts are held at the Uptown YWCA

How to Schedule a Tryout

To schedule a tryout please email us at [email protected], and we can get your swimmer scheduled to come in and get assessed to be on Otters, and answer any questions.

We are schedule tryouts on a one on one basis, please email us if one of the below dates works for you so we can schedule it!

  • Please contact us to schedule one of the dates below
  • Future tryout dates will get added to the schedule throughout the season, and they will be towards the end of a month usually
Date Location Time
1/20/23 Uptown 6:30pm
1/27/23 Uptown Taken
1/31/23 Uptown 7:30pm
2/3/23 Uptown 6:30pm
2/7/23 Uptown 7:30pm
2/24/23 Uptown 6:30pm
2/28/23 Uptown 7:30pm