Any potential new swimmers to the team must come to a swim team tryout before starting Otters. This way a coach can see all your swimmers strokes, their endurance level, and let you know if they are ready for Otters or not. If they are not quite ready for Otters we can recommend some ways to help get them ready, and if they are we can tell you what practice group would be best for them to start out in.

At the tryouts we need to see knowledge of each of the four competitive strokes:  Freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Nothing has to be perfect, but we need each swimmer to be comfortable in the water, have some endurance, and be able to take corrections and feedback.

We look for side breathing in freestyle with controlled strokes, level body position in backstroke with controlled arms, and we ask that swimmers do 50 yards of both freestyle and backstroke. In breaststroke we are looking for the correct arms and kick, but maybe the swimmer cannot fully put them together yet. In butterfly we are looking for the correct kick and arms as well, but maybe putting them together is not perfect. We ask that swimmers do 50 yards of breaststroke, and at least 25 yards of butterfly.

Tryouts take 10-20 minutes and are administered by an Otters coach. Currently, we are scheduling tryouts on a one on one basis, please email us at [email protected] to start the process of getting a tryout scheduled.

What to Bring/Know

  • Swimmers should come in their swim suits, ready to go
  • Swimmers who are vaccinated will be able to remove masks for entering and exiting, working out on-site, and being the pool area. 
  • Swimmers who are not vaccinated still need to wear masks on their way to their lane and in the building for all activities.
  • Swimmers, and their accompanying adult, will be asked a series of health assessment questions before they are allowed to enter the building.

Due to Covid restrictions, we have different size limits on all of the practice groups in comparison with previous seasons. Many practice groups have reached their capacity, and we now have swimmers signing up for wait lists. Please look at the practice group’s page below, the highlighted link will take you there, and it will show you which groups still have room in them. If a group is full, we can put swimmers on a waitlist for it, and when space opens up, we can let you know!


Joining Otters

Due to Covid restrictions, all groups have limited space, because of this we are approving all registrations based on time stamps of when each swimmer registered for the coming season. Some groups may fill up right away, and others may not. Registration opened in July to all returning Otters, once they are all placed into groups, then we will start placing new Otters into groups that still have room.

Once approved for Otters, when you register your swimmer will be a pending registration until approved. When we approve the registrations you will receive an email with login instructions to your account, and then you can finish setting it up.



We have a pay parking lot that you can use, there is also parking in the neighborhood and on Hennepin.

The first 20 minutes there is no fee, after the first 20 minutes it is a $1, and then goes up from there every hour and 15min.

Upcoming Swim Team Tryouts

All tryouts are held at the Uptown YWCA.

How to Schedule a Tryout

To schedule a tryout please email us at [email protected], and we can get your swimmer scheduled to come in and get assessed to be on Otters, and answer any questions.

We are scheduling tryouts on a one on one basis currently, please email us if one of the below dates works for you so we can schedule it!

  • Please contact us to schedule one of the dates below, or reach out about future times
Date Location Time
1/11/21 Uptown 6:30pm
1/13/21 Uptown 6:30pm
1/18/21 Uptown 6:30pm
1/25/21 Uptown 6:30pm
1/27/21 Uptown 6:30pm
2/1/21 Uptown 6:30pm
2/3/21 Uptown 6:30pm