Masters Update

Dave Cameron


Thanks to all of you as we weathered a rough start to the year. 10,000 yards the first day...and then some challenges to keeping half of our practices going. 

We're almost throught the first month of 2023, and many of you have started tracking your distance. That will come in handy next month, when USMS challenges you to track your overall distance- In the meantime, track it all year by adding your totals to our google spreadsheet.  

This Saturday is the January Fitness Challenge. USMS, partnered with, are challenging swimmers to do a T30- a 30-minute swim for maximum distance. Both of our Saturday workouts with Melissa will include this option as part of practice. If you're interested in finding out more and signing up, use this link and pick your time here

Coming up in February, there's a short, fun meet on Groundhog's Day (February 5). We would love to see more masters try out a meet- this one has the option to do a 50 in each stroke and a 100IM, or a 100 in each stroke and 200 IM. The meet is in Eden Prairie, and the psych sheets already show some of our swimmers have signed up. Join us!

And, just a reminder- we do our breaking news updates (closures, workout postings, etc) on the BAND app here: