Coaching Staff

All coaches are listed below, along with their primary coaching location. Our coaches represent a depth of experience and training, with wide ranging backgrounds as competitive and fitness swimmers. Our coaching team believes in working hard and working smart - ask any of them for feedback and suggestions! 

Dave Cameron- Head Coach. Uptown Tues/Thurs 9:30am, Summer SLP 7:15am, Summer Mon/Thurs Richfield 7:15pm

Melissa Froehle- Uptown Sat 7:30am, Summer Richfield 7:30am, Midtown Tues  6:00am

Amy Roe- Uptown Mon/Wed 6am

Whitney Jelmeland- Uptown Fri 9:30am

Noel Hemphill- Uptown Thurs 6am

Laura Blue- Downtown Thurs 6:30am

Beth Nymeyer- Midtown Thurs 6am

Abby Norlin-Weaver- Downtown Tues 6:30am

Ross Freiderich- Uptown Tues/Fri 6:00am


Coaches and their primary locations
David Cameron Head Coach