NY Sharks FAQs
How do I navigate the website?

Besides the most updated information and news that is posted on the homepage, you can navigate the website by using the drop down menu under the banner.

“NYSA Team Registration” box on homepage brings you to the registration information and the start registration button.

“About Us” has drop-down pages for Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Coaches Info, Training Groups, Team Policies and Team FAQs.

“Team Info” has drop-down pages for Practice Schedule, Coaches' Corner, Site Facilities, Team Records.

“Competition” has drop-down pages for Meet Schedule, Meet Directions and Time Standards.

“Fundraising” has drop-down pages for the Annual Golf Outing and Swim-A-Thon.

“Volunteering” has drop-down pages for Swim Meets and How to Become an Official.

"Upcoming Events"  box on the homepage has information about Travel Meets, Hosted Meets, Fundraisers, and Meet Sign-Ups

"NYSA Masters" has information about our 19 and over swim team now offered in Rockland and Orange County.

"Swim School" has information about our Lesson Program.


How do you Sign Up for meets?

Parents will have the option to register their swimmer for upcoming Meets. Parents will be able to select days and events but must receive final approval from Coaching Staff. All swimmers must sign up by registration deadline or swimmers will not be entered in the meet. After the meet, all accounts will be charged for meet fees.


How do Meet Fees Work?

At any meet we travel to, the host team charges money for each swimmer to participate in each race or event. New York Sharks Aquatics has to bill each family for the events their swimmers are signed up to swim, regardless of scratches.

It costs $8 per event that each swimmer is signed up for, plus an additional $3.00 for the administrative surcharge for each meet.  Some meets also have a swimmer facility surcharge.  Keeping track of events entered correctly takes a lot of time and this administrative fee is on the cheaper end for teams in this area.

Therefore, if your child swims 3 events, you will be charged $24 for events and $3.00 for the NYSA surcharge and $3.00 swimmer Facility Surcharge for a total of $30.00.


Where can I find meet information pages?

You can find meet information pages for all NY Sharks meets on the homepage under “Upcoming Events.” Each meet title is linked to a meet information page that includes a description of which swimmers and coaches are attending, location, opt-out deadlines, meet information packets and team entries.