Practice Schedule Information for Parents 
1.  We are dependent upon Community Education (CE) confirming our practice requests.  We are in queue behind all CE, school district and high school events, on the priority usage chart.  
2.  Estimated practice times are posted months in advance, so that new and current families can have a sense of our practices, even if the dates have not been confirmed.  
3.  Every summer and fall we receive the biggest conflicts with pool time, due to the high school and middle school girls’ and boys’ practice/meet schedules.  These schedules become available in early August and late October, which then allows us to work toward a more concrete schedule. 
4.  The Storm practice schedule is fluid, so please do not print the schedules.  Changes occur, from availability of pools and coaches, to last minute issues with air or water quality.  To ensure accuracy, we are always working three weeks ahead.  However, if there is a change the week of practice, we will send an email.  All other changes will not be communicated by email, with the goal of keeping our email communication with you to a minimum.   Please check the online practice calendar daily and before departing for practice.