General FAQ's

We are new to StormChasers...How do I know what level is right for my child?

Great question...one of the many benefits of the StormChasers program is that we run all ten levels at every 30 minute class session. This allows us to make instant changes to a swimmer's level at any point. Why is this helpful? A) It keeps you from having to schedule a child to a specific time-slot when a specific level class is offered, B) It allows your entire family or carpool to come together and enjoy lessons in only 30 minutes! and C) It allows our instructors to move kids either up or down in level instantly based on ability and mastery of skills. Therefore, if you read our level descriptions and initially sign up for level 5 but we quickly discover that your child more accurately belongs in level 4 or level 6, we will move them to that level immediately! The cost is the same and the time-slot is the same! What does this all mean to you? Just relax and pick the level that SEEMS closest to you and let us worry about the rest.

What is your make-up policy? Our family schedule can be crazy!

We appreciate the fact that schedules are busier than ever and we want to help! Unfortunately, due to a tight supply of instructors we are unable to offer make up lessons.  Please do your best to attend the classes you signed up for.

I'm tired of over-crowded swim classes...will this be more of the same?

Absolutely not! We are fortunate to have a deep roster of talented instructors which allows us to limit student to instructor ratios to a maximum of 3:1. In fact, we frequently run lessons with a 2:1 ratio. Your child will receive plenty of quality attention during their time in the water.

Can I reserve private lessons to guarantee a one-on-one lesson?

Yes! If you would like to be assured of one-on-one lessons, please call us at 952-479-0604. We're happy to discuss this affordable option with you. 

Our child is interested in joining the competitive Storm Swim Team. How do you handle this transition? How do we know if/when they are ready to make this jump?

First of all...great! We always love to hear about kids interested in joining the Storm Swim Team! In general, the typical child is "ready" to join the entry level, AG1, group at Storm upon graduation from our Level 7 up to Level 8. While this is not always the case, it is an excellent rule of thumb. We will work with you to make the transition from Lessons to the Team VERY easy.

Is my child allowed to continue taking lessons with StormChasers once they've moved up to the Team?

This is a resounding, YES! Many of our families love the option of sending their swimmer to one night per week of StormChasers lessons where they continue to receive in-water, hands-on stroke/turns/starts instruction while also attending two to three Storm Swim Team practices during the week. 

When I register for lessons, how many times may my child attend each week?

You must register for EACH 30-minute class you wish to attend. For example, you can register to attend on Level 5 on Monday evenings from 5:30-6:00 p.m. If you would like to take lessons more than once per week, simply register for an additional class; for example, Wednesday evenings from 6:00-6:30 p.m. As mentioned above, if you need to miss a lesson for any reason and wish to come at another day or time for a make-up lesson, simply email us with your preference and you will be all set.

I have no idea where to find good quality suits, goggles, caps, fins, boards, etc. Any suggestions?

We have you covered! Please take a look at this link which will take you to the Storm Team Store at SwimOutlet.Com. You'll find great prices on the gear we recommend to all of our swimmers!


How long will it take to learn to swim?

This depends on your child's age and level of fitness. It may take two or more sessions of eight lessons each for preschoolers to learn the basic skills of floating, kicking, returning to the wall and rolling over on their back to breathe, float and rest. Older students that have mastered the first skills of breathing, floating and kicking will learn more rapidly.

What ages do you teach? What system do you use?

SwimAmerica offers infant (6 month) through adult, small group, private and semi-private lessons for all ability levels. We teach with the most effective method known, using a progression developed by this nation's top swim coaches. Our goal is to teach your child to swim quickly and proficiently. Students advance at their own pace from water adaptation at Station 1 to very advanced swimming skills at Station 10. All coaches are certified by SwimAmerica, a national program of the American Swimming Coaches Association. SwimAmerica is the USA's leading Learn to Swim School.

How do I know when my child can stop swimming lessons?

In the SwimAmerica program we use a high standard. We are in business to save lives. That means a person can maintain themselves indefinitely in the water. To do so requires the ability to exhale used air and inhale new air. This is called aerobic swimming. (just like being able to talk while you jog) Our standard is that a person should be able to swim 300 yards non-stop and swim 6 different styles of swimming to be considered a "swimmer". 300 yards is important. Scientists have found that humans can swim 200 yards without being able to breathe effectively but without the ability to breathe effectively, eventually that person will get in trouble and possibly endanger their life. We went one third beyond that point to set our standard of 300 yards of non-stop swimming. That goal won't be quickly achieved. It takes time, but it can save your child's life. That's worth the investment of time. After all.... learning to swim is an asset for life!

I’m unsure what level I should register for? What do you suggest?

First of all, take a look at the program descriptions detailed under the StormChasers tab on the website.  It highlights the skills taught in each level along with the advancement goals for each level. Also, please remember that we move swimmers up in level IMMEDIATELY upon mastery of the advancement goals! Therefore, if you find yourself unsure between two levels, registering for the lower level (just to be safe) does NOT mean your swimmer is “stuck” there for the entire session. If, in fact, they show a mastery of the skills on night one, they will be moved to the next level! If you need assistance in this decision, please call us at 952-479-0604. We’re happy to help!

My family schedule is pretty busy. Do we need to attend lessons twice a week?

Absolutely not! We know most of you are busier than ever. If you prefer to attend twice a week, your child will likely advance more quickly.  However, there is no disadvantage to once-a-week attendance. So, please choose what’s best for your family. We offer 30-minute classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:00-7:00 pm as well as on Saturday mornings from 9:30-10:30 a.m. As our customer base grows, we will likely expand this offering!

What’s your advice for an older teenager and/or adult that doesn’t yet know how to swim?  Is this is a good place for them?

Learning to swim is a critical skill no matter what your age.  We know that it can be intimidating or even potentially embarrassing to walk into “lessons” when surrounded by younger kids. We can promise you that you’ll be learning in a safe, focused and fun environment with coaches that LOVE to swim! If you WANT to learn to swim, be assured that our in-water coaches will work WITH you to achieve your goals! So please jump in…the water is warm!

I see that your program is new. Will you offer year-round classes or is this a once-a-year kind of thing?

We will offer classes that coincide with the nine-month, school calendar year! The Prior Lake Community Education program prefers to run their lessons at Twin Oaks during the summer months. If this changes for any reason, we will notify our customers immediately.

Do I need to bring equipment or other gear of any kind?

First of all, if your child is NOT potty trained, they must wear a swim diaper.  Beyond that, we will have items such as flippers, caps, kick boards and spare goggles available for the swimmers.  Many children and/or parents prefer to use their own equipment. Please feel free to bring your own items if that is your preference.  However, we encourage you to put your swimmer’s name of each item. If you wish to use your own equipment but are unsure about what brands/styles to buy, we will have our recommended/favorite equipment available for purchase at reasonable prices. This will include suits, googles, swimming caps, flippers, kick boards, etc.​