We boast more than 400 swimmers over the year with a large contingency of young swimmers getting ready to take the reins from our older competitors as they move on to other aspects of life. Our programs include bi-annual clinics and eight levels of participation for swimmers of advancing cognitive and athletic ability. We also offer a Master’s program with a desire to instill the basic foundations of lifetime fitness and health and to showcase the realization that there is active life after high school sports end.

The STORM has grown consistently over the years and is now among the largest swim clubs in the state of Minnesota. Our goals as a team are to continue this growth and to become a Bronze Level Team with USA Swimming. These statements and goals are testaments to our team, the current key volunteers, and the unwavering support from our coaching staff.

STORM Philosophy

Our goal first and foremost is to the young boys and girls that we coach. We hold in our hands the ability and more importantly the obligation to guide these individuals toward a happy and productive adulthood. The role of a coach in this transition we believe is behind only their parents and their faith. As a coach it is our job to teach goal setting skills, to build self-confidence and develop interpersonal skills. Quite simply we believe to accomplish this is to lead by example. Believing what you say, living that life that you talk about, attempting to instill selfless character and work ethic in them, this is a large and formidable task which has no room for selfishness. If we can instill the ability for each of our athletes to learn that every waking moment is an opportunity to not only better their lives, but the lives of everyone else around them, then we feel like we will have found success.

Swim Team Offerings

  • Age Group 1 (AG1)
  • Age Group 2 (AG2)
  • Age Group 3 (AG3)
  • Junior 1 (JR1)
  • Junior 2 (JR2)
  • Senior (SR)
  • Middle School Swimming (MS) – 6-8 grade swimmers only
  • High School Prep

See the Group Descriptions Page for more info on the groups listed above.