Sunkist No Practice Dates May/June/July

Mathew Mixon

Summer is a busy time with lots of activities and meets for our swimmers.  In order to help with scheduling and communication we have put together a list of dates that Sunkist will not be practicing this summer. There might be other cancelations that are unforeseen but this will help let our members know the days we for sure will not be swimming. 

Sunkist will not practice on the following days due to team events, holidays, meets, etc. Please make a note on your calendar. 

Sunkist No Practice Dates:

May 18

May 21

May 31

June 7 (PM)

June 11/12

June 14 (PM)

June 18/19

June 21 (PM)

June 25/26

July 16/17/18

Sunkist Summer Break 7/26 through 7/31