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Swim and Tri is the official team vendor for Sunkist. To purchase team suits, parkas, swim bags, training equipment please visit our TEAM STORE at Swim and Tri or contact them at 877-794-6874.

SPEEDO is the exclusive provider of team swimwear, apparel, training equipment and related products through the 2016 Olympic Trials in Omaha.  To received sponsorship discounts for Speedo suits and products, you must purchase directly from Swim and Tri. 

Sunkist team suits must be purchased from the Swim and Tri. 

TECH SUITS: please get approval from Coach Mixon if you are interested in purchasing a fast technical suit.  All suits must be FINA approved and legal for meet competition.

SPEEDO TECH SUITS: please check with Coach Mixon for additional Speedo discount pricing and rewards for qualifying and participating at sectionals, NCSA, JRs, Nats, Trials and other upper level qualifying meets.

Sunkist team caps can be purchased from Coach Mixon.