Sunkist Weather Policy

Sunkist strives to provide as many practice opportunities as needed, but errs on the side of caution when there is a chance of inclement weather occurring during practice times.  Our coaches closely monitor conditions as they develop, keeping in mind always that safety comes first.  Practices will be held on days with challenging weather conditions, such as rain and cold, however, in the event of severe weather warnings coaches try their best to determine as early as possible whether practices should be cancelled or not.

Practice cancellations will be communicated via Twitter/Facebook/email when possible.  Assume practice is ON until it is announced otherwise, but please use good judgment regarding road conditions and personal safety.  Safe travel is always a priority.

In the event bad weather hits during practice, the coaches on duty will monitor the conditions via radar and will determine when and if swimmers need to get out of the water and/or to continue training with dryland exercises and/or to cancel practice entirely. The YMCA pool is heavily grounded and safe during electrical storms; however, coaches may remove everyone from the water and pool area should conditions warrant extra caution.

Weather in our region can be very unpredictable, especially in the summer; storms can whip up just as fast as they blow away.  Our coaches are trained to handle these situations and will always do what is best for the safety of our swimmers.