Classification And Types Of Meets
(Using Minnesota Swimming Time Standards)

Bronze Meets are for swimmers who have previously not swum an event (“No Time”) or have a “Bronze” qualifying time or slower. These meets are great for newer swimmers and first meet experiences. Bronze Meets are also a good opportunity for more experienced athletes to attempt longer events for the first time, such as the 200 Free, 200 IM, 200 Back, 200 Breast, 200 Fly or 400 IM. Bronze meets are held usually monthly.

Open Meets are for all swimmers, and all members are encouraged to participate. Because these meets involve multiple ability levels, awards categories individual events are divided into three levels: “Bronze” and slower, “Silver,” and “Gold” and faster.

Gold, A+, or Other Qualified Meets are for experienced swimmers who have attained Minnesota “Gold” times or USA Swimming "A" times and faster. Team scores are typically kept and team awards are given. These meets are most often held at large venues and may involve travel to a different city.

State Meets are open to qualifiers with a “CH” (Champ) time or faster. The team state champion is determined at these meets. The Minnesota Swimming Championship for winter short course season is held each March, for summer long course season in late July or early August. State Meets are typically divided into Age Group (14/Under) and Senior (15/Older).

Zone Meets are annual regional championships, held each August by the Central Zone of USA Swimming for 14/Unders. Athletes qualify by achieving a “Zone” time, which is the National Age Group “AAA” standard. This is an all-star type of competition in which Foxjet swimmers represent a conglomerate Team Minnesota. It is sometimes held in Minnesota but often is hosted elsewhere. Other teams in our zone include Wisconsin, Iowa, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, Ohio, Michigan, Lake Erie, Illinois, and Indiana. Foxjets have hosted the Zone meet on several occasions at the University of Minnesota.

Speedo Sectional Meets are faster than Zones, involving 15/Older swimmers, but not quite as fast as Junior Nationals. There are no age groups and time standards are difficult to achieve. This meet is held in a Midwestern location, and depending on the month/location, it may or may not be included in our team schedule. The coaching staff will determine if the Speedo Sectional Meet in a given season fits team objectives.

Junior Nationals, held every March and August after State, is the national championship meet for USA Swimming athletes ages 18 and under. This elite meet with very fast qualification times brings the fastest young swimmers throughout America together to compete.

US Nationals, held twice a year, typically December and August, is the top annual championship meet in America. Qualification times for this elite senior meet represent less than 1% of all swimmers. America’s fastest swimmers, including world-class athletes such as Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky, and Simone Manuel, participate.

Olympic Trials are held every four years to select swimmers for the Olympic Games. This elite senior selection meet has qualification times faster than US Nationals. The top two swimmers in each individual event, plus a few additional freestylers, are selected for the US Olympic Team. Several Foxjets Swim Team members have participated in this meet since 1980, including one (Nancy Swanum) who made the Olympic Team.

International Meets, such as the Olympic Games, World Championships, Pan Pacific Games, etc., require selection by USA Swimming to represent the United States on a national team comprised of top American swimmers. Typically, the Olympic Games and World Championships have their own selection meets (“Trials”) to directly select such teams. For other international competitions, USA Swimming may use the national championship as its selection venue.