The Foxjet Swim Team Code of Conduct applies to all team activities.

Meet information is posted on the team website. An emailed announcement/reminder will be sent seven days before the entry deadline.


Meet Apparel
The only required meet apparel is a Team Foxjet swim cap. National Team, Top 10/16 ranked and/or State Team swimmers may wear their award caps. All other apparel (suit, bag, jacket, etc.) are at the choice of the swimmer/family. Other team-related apparel will be available. Wearing the team gear promotes unity and pride and greatly aids in spectator recognition.

What to bring to a swim meet: 

  • two Foxjet swim caps (required)
  • two pair of goggles (highly recommended)
  • two towels (highly recommended)
  • water bottle and healthy snack (highly recommended)
  • quiet games or books (recommended)
  • old blanket or sleeping bag (recommended)
  • Foxjet team suit, bag, or other apparel (optional)

Arrive at the pool 10 minutes before the scheduled warm-up time. Report to your coach with your suit, cap, and goggles, ready to go.  A member of the Foxjet coaching staff always conducts warm-ups. This is both an athletic need and a safety requirement.  Each group has a specific warm-up designed by the group coach. Be familiar with this warm-up before you begin.

Each Foxjet swimmer is responsible for knowing which events he/she is swimming and for being present in the team area before each race.  Before reporting to the blocks, swimmers must confer with a member of the coaching staff to review race strategy, technique, and goals.  At the conclusion of each race, swimmers must report to their coaches to discuss the race.  At most meets, electronic timing is used. The official time is generally the one recorded in the computer by the swimmer touching the touchpad and appearing on the scoreboard. If a swimmer misses the touchpad or there is a mechanical failure, various back-up times will be used.  Between races, swimmers are asked to rest and stay warm. Energy should be conserved and used in competition, for swimming, or supporting teammates! It is very important that swimmers check-in with coaches and request permission before leaving a meet. This is a safety and event accountability policy. Some higher-level meets require checking in, deck seeding, swimming in Finals sessions, etc. These types of meets have penalties associated with failing to appear for a swim.

Hunger and dehydration can lead to poor performance. Drink and eat (sensibly) throughout the meet.

USA Swimming Policies and Rules
Several USA Swimming policies and rules govern most swim meets.

Check-In Events: Usually the 400 IM, 400/500 Free, 800/1000 Free, and 1500/1650 Free require swimmers to check-in. Coaches check-in (or scratch) swimmers from these events. The final decision to check-in or scratch rests with the coaches. The coaches must adhere to a deadline, typically early during warm-up or a meet session. Once checked in, if a swimmer misses the event, the meet host imposes a penalty (usually disqualifying the swimmer from his/her next event).

Relays: Relays are a team effort. Every Foxjet swimmer should expect to swim a relay. It is extremely important for swimmers to be on time to the meet, as relays are usually swum at the beginning of a meet session. As with individual events and checking in, the coaching staff has the final authority on relay team selection.

Prelim and Final Events: Before you leave the pool after prelims, double-check the results to see if you made finals. If you are an alternate, someone ahead of you may scratch. If you are swimming in finals, make sure you know when warm-up begins before you leave. Failure to show up for a final event results in an athlete being barred from a portion, or the remainder, of the meet (by USA Swimming rule).

Time Trials: Some meets offer time trials, typically at the end of a meet session. Time trials are swum for an official time only, there are no places or awards given.

Awards: Within 30 minutes following the conclusion of an event, the meet host team will have awards for distribution. Typically, a designated table/area will be set up where swimmers/families can pick up awards. Swimmers/families should pick up their awards during each session of each meet. If awards are not picked up by the swimmer/family, it is unlikely those awards will be available at a later time. The coaching staff and meet host team are not responsible for unclaimed awards.