For each meet on our schedule, we will post a detailed flyer that will define the qualifying time standard level (if any) and recommended participants for each meet.

Some meets require time standard achievement to qualify (or impose an ability limit). Meets in Minnesota will typically use the Minnesota Swimming standards to define qualification. Meets out-of-state, travel meets and national events are subject to different standards, which will be described in the meet flyer.


2021-22 Minnesota Short Course Yards (25Y) Time Standards

2021-22 Minnesota Long Course Meters (50M) Time Standards

2021-2024 USA Swimming National Age Group Motivational Time Standards


National Meets:

2022 USA Swimming Futures Time Standards - Minneapolis, MN, July 27-30, 2022
2022 USA Swimming Phillips 66 Nationals Time Standards - Irvina, CA, July 26-30
2022 USA Swimming Summer Junior Nationals Time Standards - Irvine, CA, Aug 1-5, 2022
2022 USA Swimming Winter Nationals (US Open) Time Standards - Greensboro, NC, Dec 1-4, 2022
2022 USA Swimming Winter Junior Nationals Time Standards - Austin, TX, Dec 8-11, 2022
2024 USA Olympic Trials Time Standards - Indianapolis, IN, June, 2024