Foxjets has a great group of Masters (adult) swimmers!

We welcome all adults age 19 and older, with all ability levels and interests. We have first-time swimmers, old swimmers, young adults, triathletes, fitness swimmers and many more. We are a part of Minnesota Masters and United States Masters Swimming, a national organization that promotes adult health, wellness, fitness, and competition through swimming.

Foxjets Masters is led by a qualified coach who developes a variety of workouts customized to various levels of fitness, skill and experience. The coach works with the swimmers to improve their technique and fitness level. With focused coaching and the comradery of a team, many of our swimmers say they have more fun and are more challenged than swimming on their own. We are an encouraging and welcoming team -- we hope you'll join us!

Practice Schedule

Practices are held Monday through Thursday, 6:00-7:00 AM at Eden Prairie Community Center. Attendance varies daily, and you can attend whenever it works best for you. Most members attend a couple days a week, some attend daily, and others vary their schedule week to week.

Coach Dan Kornblatt

Dan started swimming his senior year in high school when the football coach said he was too slow and stubby to play. He went onto swim at Binghamtom University. After graduation, he took a break from swimming but started swimming Masters at the age of 28. Nearly 45 years later, Dan is still swimming, and has been coaching for the last 10 years, both in Binghamton and Minnesota. He enjoys working with swimmers of all abilities to allow them to reach their potential. He believes Masters Swimming is a great organization and allows swimmers of all types to have fun.

Cost and Registration

Registration is always open for Masters! Foxjets Masters program costs $50.00/month, and dues are billed monthly. The dues allow you to attend any and all practices that fit your schedule and needs. Foxjets Masters members are also required to join United States Masters Swimming (USMS), which provides the club with insurance coverage, and other benefits. The cost to join USMS is $60/year and billed on a calendar year basis. There is a one-time $50 registration fee for Foxjets Masters.

To register, click here. Please note, the registration verbiage is tailored to Foxjets youth swimming. For example, you can enter youself in the 'parent' field. Fill in to the best of your ability. Know that a coach will contact you after your registration if any additional information is needed.

Our automated billing system for monthly payments offers the option to auto-pay by credit card. Once your credit card is on file, your auto payment will be billed on the first of each month for that month of swimming. 

Should you have any questions during the registration process, or wish to alter your membership at any time, contact Head Coach Lloyd Larsen at [email protected]. There are no cancellation fees associated with departing the organization.

Join Foxjets Masters HERE (one-time registration)
Join US Masters HERE (annual renewal)

More Information

Still not sure if you'd like to become a member? Email Coach Dan Kornblatt to ask about joining one or two practices prior to registering.

Drop-ins are welcome for current USMS members. Our drop-in fee is $10 per workout, paid by check or cash prior to each workout.