What does an official do?

  • Essential part of the swimming competition – to provide a fair, safe and fun platform for all participants
  • Observing (without inspecting) the competition and upholds the standards and rules of the sport
  • Record any rule infraction for the betterment of the swimmer and the integrity of the competition
  • Provide the swimmer the benefit of the doubt: call what you see and see what you call

Why become an official?

  • Learn more about the sport that your swimmer is dedicating so much time and energy towards
  • Get a Front Row Seat to the competition
  • Become part of a community that supports your athletes in innumerable ways
  • Sanctioned completions cannot be held without officials

Becoming an official

USA Swimming is committed to providing a healthy and positive environment free from abuse for all its members.  USA Swimming’s Safe Sport program, a comprehensive abuse prevention program, consists of a multi-layered approach to keep kids safe, including: required policies and best practice guidelines; mandatory screening, including criminal background checks and employment screening; training and education; monitoring, supervision and mandatory reporting.  These measures are informed by experts in the field of child safety and are among the strongest safeguards found in youth-serving organizations. As a result, all officials must hold a USA Swimming Non-Athlete membership, pass a Background Check, complete an Athlete Protection Training (APT), and Concussion Awareness Training

All officials start out as a Stroke & Turn Judge or Administrative Official. Please note, you can start your training before receiving a membership. Most people start their training and while that is underway complete the membership requirements. To get started, click on the Stroke and Turn or Administrative Official position page to get more information.

All of the info can also be found at: Minnesota Swimming - Becoming an Official/Advancing as an Official (teamunify.com)