In the case of inclement weather, a daily decision will be made if swimming can be offered at Richfield.  This decision will be made by 6:15 AM each morning during the summer.

If the decision is made to continue offering practice at Richfield, no message will be sent and practice will be offered as normal. Please do not contact coaches to inquire if practice will be held - they will be unable to respond.

If the decision is made to cancel practice at Richfield, a proactive message will be sent to all members of the affected groups. Text, email and OnDeck app notifications will be utilized. Please ensure that you check these resources by 6:15 AM.

We are very fortunate to have "back up" pool time ready at Oak Point in case Richfield practices are cancelled due to weather. Very few clubs have this privilege! Please print/view the Inclement Weather - Oak Point Alternative.