(updated 8/2022)


  • Monthly dues are dependent on the assigned practice group (see fee schedule below).
  • This year we are offering (and encouraging people) to pay by credit card.  We ask that you enter the information during the registration process.  Please note there will be a 3% additional fee to use this option. You can also pay by ACH.  If you select this option, you will need to RE-ENTER your ACH information into the system.  We will ask that you pay your September dues and registration fee are payable by check upon registration (see initial payment column on fee schedule).
  • October 2022 - March 2023 monthly dues are due on the first of the month and are payable via credit card or ACH Debit from a bank account of your choosing, which must be entered on our website no later than September 25th.  The September dues payment will be charged upon registeration for the season.
  • Each family with swimmers in the intermediate and above must earn $200 in fundraising by February 15th.  Any amount not earned will be billed to your account on March 1st.  Families with Novice only swimmers do not have to fundraise.


  • We anticipate USSC will be hosting 4 invitational meets this short course season.  USSC Grab Bag Meet October 2022, USSC Odd Age Meet January 2023, USSC Hot Chocolate Meet February 2023 and MCSA 12 & Under Championship Meet February 2023.  Families with swimmers in Age Groups and above will be required to work a minimum of 6 job slots (each of which is approximately 4-5 hours) during Short Course Season.  Each family may work a maximum of 2 job slots per meet.  Families with ONLY High School Girls, Interemediate and Junior groups will be required to work 5 job slots.  Families with High School Boys will be required to work a minimum of 4 job slots during Short Course Season.  The penalty for not working any single job is a $100 fine.
  • Families of Novice ONLY swimmers do not have a job requirement.


  • USSC is a competitive swim team, and as such we require our athletes to participate in a minimum number of swim meet sessions throughout the season.  Please refer to the USSC Racing Requirements document for further details.


  • Each practice group has specific equipment that must be purchased and brought to practice each day.  Please visit our website at under the Team Info drop down menu (Equipment) to see what your swimmer’s group requires.
  • Girls wear any Speedo, TYR or other racing style swim suit.  Boys wear jammer style swim suits.  They may choose any suit that they prefer for practice.


  • The addition of new swimmers to our team is dependent on room in individual practice groups. 
  • All prospective new parent members will be asked to attend one of two registration meetings following the tryout.  Families may register prior to the New Parent Meeting.  The Parent Meeting will address all of the paperwork given at tryouts and we will answer any questions you may have about the club.