Entering/Attending a Meet


Coach has told your swimmer they are ready for a meet.  Here’s what to do.


Check the website events for upcoming meets. When meets are added to the website and open for entering, an email will be sent out announcing the meet.  Coach Erica also includes notices about upcoming meets in her weekly emails to club members.  The website has a yearlong calendar of all target meets and events (look under the team information tab for the year long calendar.)


Once the meet is listed under events, it is open for entries. 

Please sign up quickly as meets close very quickly.


1. Read the meet packet.  Run your mouse over Meets in the bar above and click on Finding Meet Info.

2. After noting which sessions on which days your swimmer is available, run your mouse over meets in the bar above and click on Sign up/Entering for directions on how to sign up for a meet.

3. Also under Meets in the drop box menu is Day of the Meet-- things you need to do at the meet such as check in and What To Bring To Meet is a list of items swimmers will need at the meet.

4. Please read the information under Missed Event/Scratch in the Meet drop box for important information concerning what happens if an event is missed and how to scratch.

5. Some meets require that a swimmer have a previous time in an event that is faster or slower than a given time in order to swim the event at the meet.  This information is in the meet packet.  To find your swimmers best times, click on Finding Best Times in the drop box under Meet.  



A Few Important Reminders:

  • Remember, unless you have volunteered to help time as a lane timer or count laps (for distance swims), PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED ON DECK UNLESS THERE IS A MEDICAL ENERGENCY. If you go on deck you will be asked to leave by the host safety personal .
  • Relays are not listed on individual list of events, so always have your swimmer check with their coach, before  you leave the pool, that they have completed all their races including relays.
  • If you need to leave a meet before the end of all your swimmer’s races, please have your swimmer notify the coach on deck.