New Member Q & A

1.  What suit should my child wear for practice and do I need to purchase the team suit for meets? The kids wear a racing suit for practice.  That would be a Speedo style one- piece suit for girls and jammers or briefs for boys. They can wear any suit for a meet, the team suit is not required. 


2.  Do they always wear swim caps for practice, or just for meets? Girls are required to wear a cap for practice and meets.  They can wear any cap for practice but for meets swimmers need to wear the team cap.


3.  What type of equipment is required? Look under the team info tab on our website.  Click the equipment tab and it will tell you which equipment is needed for the group. There are online stores to purchase from such as


4.  How many meets are there per season? Where are the locations of the meets? Most of our meets are in state and in this area.  For higher level swimmers there are some out of state meets and there is 1 travel meet (during LC Season), but swimmers need to qualify for this meet. We usually have a couple of meets per month, and meets are 1-3 days, so you usually have options to decide which meets to attend and which sessions they go to.  If it's a 2-3 day meet they are not required to swim every day.  The sessions will be divided by age group and they will swim in the morning or afternoon depending on the age.  Also, you can find racing requirements for your child’s group under the Team Info tab.


5.  How do I find my child’s practice schedule? The practice schedule is under the Team Info tab. Usually there is a weekly email that will state any changes to practice, but it’s a good idea to check the Google calendar and download it to your device. Directions to download the calendar are located under the Parent Tab on the website.


6.  What is the practice policy? And who do we notify if she is absent/sick for a day? The practice policy expectation depends on the group.  As swimmers advance the coaches like to see them at more practices.  A novice swimmer they expect attendance at 2 practices per week on average. Intermediate and Junior 3-4 practices and that would include a clinic.  If they miss 1 practice you don't need to notify the coach, but if your child is going to be out for 3 or more practices due to illness or vacation, the coaches would like you to email them and let you know.


7.  What is the best way to contact my child’s coach? Our Coaches are very busy coaching and working on deck so it’s best to email them if you have concerns, questions or need to update them about your child.


Filing Cabinet- This is where you will find your child’s awards, caps (if we are handing out caps), clothing, pictures or any item that you purchase.  This is not a place to send communication to a coach or other member. This cabinet is located in the stands at Stoney Creek.