STEP ONE: After a swimmer has been warned twice, that swimmer is removed from practice to have a discussion with the coach. After the discussion, the swimmer is allowed to return to the water.

STEP TWO:  If the undesirable behavior persists, or occurs again at a subsequent practice, the swimmer will be removed for the remainder of the practice.  That swimmer may not return to practice until a meeting is held with the coach(es), swimmer, that swimmer’s parent(s) and a possible mediator from that practice session.

STEP THREE:  If a swimmer must be removed from practice a second time, that swimmer will be suspended from all practice activity for one practice week (5 days). If there is a meet during this suspension, the swimmer's family will still be required to fulfill their work requirement. After the week is up, the coach(es), swimmer, parent(s) of the swimmer and a designated mediator will meet to discuss the discipline problems and how to curb this behavior. The swimmer will be put on probation for the current and subsequent swim sessions.

STEP FOUR:  This is the final and most drastic step. If a swimmer is removed for a third time, it will be that swimmer’s final time. That swimmer will be asked to leave the team and not allowed back. There will be no monetary refund.  

If a situation occurs where a swimmers is endangering themselves or other swimmers, swimmers may be escalated up to and including Step 4, with the agreement of the Coaching Staff and Board of Directors. USSC is committed to providing a safe environment for all of their members.