Welcome to USSC! 

USSC’s mission is to provide a positive environment that allows all of our athletes to experience their full potential in competitive swimming. USSC, a non-for-profit 501-c-3 organization, has been an integral part of the Macomb and Oakland communities for over 45 years.  We offer year round competitive training, governed by the rules and regulations of Michigan Swimming and USA Swimming.  Our professional coaching staff provides sound technique instruction and training that opens opportunities for each swimmer to reach their greatest potential. Our elected Executive Board is a cooperative of five parent volunteers working with the Head Coach to maintain a superior swimming organization with an eye on the future. Supported by our committee chairs and all our families, our club is strong because of dedicated coaching staff, our members and their commitment to our swimmers and their sport.   

What Is My Child’s Time Commitment? While there are not specific attendance requirements for many of our groups, the coaching staff recommends the following in order for each athlete to progress with their group during the seaason:

- Novice swimmers attend 2-3 practices each week
- Intermediate: 3 practices each week
- Junior: 3-4 practices each week
- Age Group 1: 3-4 practices each week
- Age Group 2: 4-6 practices each week
- Senior Silver: 4-6 practices each week
- Senior White: 4 practices each week
- Senior Blue: All practices offered


When and Where Does My Child Practice?  Most of our groups practice at our home facility, Stoney Creek High School in Rochester, MI, with some of our training groups practicing at Rochester High School in Rochester, MI. The two pools are only a few miles apart. The swimmers are assigned to practice groups according to their age, ability, and level of commitment. Practice sessions vary from 45 minutes to 120 minutes and are offered three to eight times a week. Younger swimmers will have fewer and shorter practices with the main focus being developing strong technique. Older swimmers will spend more time in the pool reinforcing the skills they have learned. The practice schedule is determined by our Aquatics Director and will be available on the home page.

What types of competitions does our team participate inUSSC is a member of the Macomb County Swim League and USA Swimming.  Being part of the MCSL allows us to participate in one day meets, typically held on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings and provides both new swimmers and returning swimmers who are newer to swimming, and have slower than A times, an opportunity to compete against other teams in our league locally. The coach will decide what events your swimmer will be entered in and signing up on our website is easy.  There is no cost to swim in a MCSL meet.   USA Invitational Meets are held Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday and, depending on your swimmer's group.  Please see our Racing Requirements to determine how many meet sessions per month to register for.  USA Meets are hosted by one club and attended by many clubs in the area. Swimmers enter a meet by which sessions they are available to swim and the coaches choose the races a swimmer will compete in.  Meet packets are posted on the event page when the event is posted. The cost to enter an Invitational Meet ranges from $5 to $7.50 per event plus a $1 per swimmer per meet MI Swim fee. 

How long is the competitive swim season? USSC is a year-round swim club.  Short Course season takes place September-March and Long Course season takes place April-July.  High School girl swimmers are welcome to join USSC when their high school season is over (Late November-March).  High School boy swimmers start at the beginning of Short Course (September-November) and rejoin USSC for the Championship Season in March.  There is a separate registration for Long Course Season, known as Opt In/Opt out, which will be available for parents to declare in March whether or not their athlete will be participating for Long Course Season.

What Is My Financial Commitment?  Each swimmer will pay an initial Registration fee (annual, paid in September) and Monthly Dues are determined by the Board of Directors prior to each season.  The Registration fee includes each athlete's Michigan Swimming Registration, cap, t-shirt, hospitality donations, and banquet ticket, just to name a few things!  Each family’s montly membership fees are determined by their swimmer’s group placement.  In addition to each swimmer's dues, each family with an Intermediate Swimmer and higher is required to fundraise $200 before February 15th. This is a per family amount, not per swimmer. A family with 2 or 3 swimmers at USSC will still only be required to fundraise $200.  We have may programs to assist you in your fundraising commitment.  Kroger Rewards, Restaurant Nights, and a Swim-A-Thon, just to name a few.

What is my Time Commitment as a Parent?  USSC has a tradition of hosting outstanding meets in our community.  This cannot be done without great parent support.  These meets provide opportunities for our athletes to compete and provide our club with additional revenue to offset expenses.  In previous years, families have been asked to work a total of 6 sessions during Short Course Season (September-March) and 4 sessions during Long Course Season (April-July) in order to support these events.  Parents are encouraged to work the same session that their child is competing in.  In nearly every job, you will still be able to see your athlete compete!

I Still Have Questions!  Don’t worry, we will have a New Member Meeting and a General Membership meeting at the beginning of Short Course Season.  We will also have Group meetings throughout the course of the season.

If you have questions, you can also email any of the people below:  

USSC Membership (General account): [email protected]
Julie Huttenlocher  (Treasurer) can answer all questions on how to register with the club.

Look for  Board Members in the stands to answer any other questions.

(UPDATED 7/2019)