West Islip Swim Club Fee Schedule




Junior Elite

Senior Elite


age 5-9

age 9-10

age 11-12

age 13 & up


3 days

4 days

6 days

6 days

Total Tuition





Registration Deposit


-200 -200 -200







Residual Balance as of October



1150 1300 1400

PLEASE NOTE: Ages for groups are suggested ranges only - swimmers will be placed based on both age and/or ability at the coaches’ discretion

Returning swimmers:

Online Yearly Registration is required in order to guarantee your child's spot on the team, help to determine available spots for new swimmers, and determine appropriate number of coaches for each group. 

$200 non-refundable deposit (per child) is required by September 1st (the latest).  Online registration is required for all new and returning members.

New swimmers:

Team tryouts scheduled usually on the first Saturday after Labor Day in September at 12:00pm. Please email westislipclub.com for date confirmation. Initial group level of  swim into the program will be determined by performance. Coaches make the final decision.

Upon acceptance into the program, a non-refundable $200 registration deposit (part of total tuition), is charged for each swimmer.

Registration process ONLINE; Go to westislipswimclub.com, Tap tab on left “Start Registration”. 

TeamUnify Web service will now whisk you through the process. Tap green “Continue bar”.

Tap “Create New Account” for first time membership application and follow instructions.

Following discounts are available:

Annual Complete 10% discount on seasons tuition paid in full by October 1st.

Multiple sibling discount - for families with more than one swimmer.  The child in the highest level group pays full price.  2nd child receives a 15% discount. 3rd & 4th. child receives 20% discount and any additional children will receive a 25% discount. 

The Varsity discount will be given to those swimmers who participate in their school district’s varsity or junior varsity swimming programs.  Varsity = $150 discount Junior Varsity = $75 discount.  Discount is only available to swimmers joining in September for the full year. Head coach signed school letterhead form, mailed to WISC confirming member of school team is necessary to receive discount. 

Pay Annual Tuition in full by October 1st and you receive a 10% discount on total tuition (excluding meet fees). A current Credit Card must be entered into your billing section of your account upon registration. Collection of residual tuition (minus the initial $200 registration deposit) on Oct 1st is done automatically via TeamUnify accounting by their charging of your credit card listed.

Standard Payment Plan (not annual complete)

Four (4) equal installments of your total tuition, minus the initial $200 registration deposit, will be automatically debited to your credit card listed starting Oct 1st. The last of these 4 installments is completed on January 1st.  Auto payment via the website needs to be set up! For all accounts a current credit card or debit card is required.

>>>>>>>>If the auto pay via credit card on the WISC website is not set up for the account or the full payment is not received, (by October 1st. for Annual Complete or January 1st. for Standard Payment Plan), your child will not be permitted on deck and you will forfeit your deposit.<<<<<<<<<<<<<

********Any balances not satisfied or paid  by January 1st of each year will incur a 15% late fee*********


Two (2)  twelve (12) week sessions are held during the year.

Tryouts information will be posted on the website in September and December

Total Tuition per session : $350 (includes $66 insurance fee)


West Islip Swim Club is a not-for-profit organization.  We charge the minimum amounts necessary to operate the club. The tuition is not refundable unless "there is a medical condition with a required certificate from the Doctor"; Eg. If a child is not allowed to swim due to a medical condition.  Any fundraising performed by the club is to directly benefit the swimmers. Any excess funds will go into a savings account to offset any unforeseen expenses ( i.e. pool fees and rental).


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