Bozeman Barracudas Training Groups​ 

Our training division structure has been revised.  We now have three primary training divisions each with somewhat overlapping age ranges to best suit individual athlete needs.  Each of those three divisions will allow multiple practices per-week commitments (with appropriate associated dues) and will incorporate several sub-division group assignments to allow coaches to better match the technical, physical, competitive and social concerns of each athlete.  We understand the desire and encourage multi-sport/activity.  We want well rounded athletes and people.  Our structure allows 2- or 3- practices per week for more novice swimmers and 3-, 4-, 5- or 6+ practices per week for older, more competitive athletes so that we can appropriately accommodate the multi-activity swimmer, the fitness swimmer and the highly competitive swimmer.  We understand that life happens and schedules change.  Training days can periodically be modified to account for doctor visits, school activities, etc., with notice to and approval of the Lead Division Coach.  See the following training group descriptions for additional information.


Development Division

The Development Division is for our youngest and more novice athletes including those ages 5-12.  Training in this division focuses primarily on body awareness, proper swimming technique, general swimming vocabulary/knowledge, early competitive concepts, and having fun in the water and with our teammates.  We focus on technique rather than competitive results, understanding that mechanically sound swimming will ultimately result in competitive advantage and fewer injuries.  Swimmers in this division will improve stamina and strength, but will do so as a byproduct of our work on technique.  We hope our swimmers in the Development Division begin a life-long love for the sport.

The Development Division offers 2- or 3- practices per week.  All Development Division practices are 60 minutes in duration.  Two-practices per week training frequency is usually most appropriate for our first season swimmers and swimmers that take part in multiple activities.  Two-practices per week swimmers should contact Coach Matt for selection of their training days and should, if possible, include either a Friday or Saturday practice to ensure that start/dive training is available.  

Three-practices per week swimmers should choose either Mon/Wed/Fri or Tue/Thur/Sat practice days.  Some flexibility in attendance days due to schedule changes or other commitments is available, as described above.


Challenge Division

The Challenge Division encompasses our middle training group to include swimmers that have attained a basic competence in the four competitive strokes, the ability to properly perform turns and race starts, and have an understanding of and have demonstrated general race strategies and techniques.  Challenge Division athletes are generally becoming more competitive.  Many will have specific time or process goals and will qualify for upper level swim meets.  Our training focus is still on stroke mechanics, but we introduce endurance and speed training, working to maintain proper technique when tired or swimming fast.  The Challenge Division generally includes swimmers age 8 to 14.

The Challenge Division offers 3-, 4-, 5-, or 6- practices per week training options. Must obtain coach approval to register for Challenge 5 & 6. Practice will be 1.5 hours in length. 


Senior Division

The Senior Division is for both our most experienced, competitive athletes as well as older swimmers that want to maintain fitness or prepare for HS swimming or other sports.  We implement detailed season training plans for the competitive athletes with the aim of performing exceptionally well at end-of-season meets ranging from the Montana seasonal championship meet to national level competitions.  We will also provide appropriate training for the less-competitive or fitness athlete.  

The Senior Division offers 3-, 4-, and 5- or 6+ practices per week training options depending on athlete goals and ability.  Two-per-day workouts are available for the most competitive athletes with Head Coach approval. 


**Notes on Group Assignments**

Group Assignments and 'move ups' are some of the most difficult decisions coaches make.  Many factors go into the decision-making process including age, ability, technical prowess, physical capacity and endurance, ability to maintain speed throughout a practice, ability to learn and lead a set, physical and emotional maturity, social needs and more.  While there are many individual objective measures, the end result still includes a degree of subjectivity.  One of the worst mistakes a coach can make is to advance a swimmer too quickly and have the athlete perceive failure, or worse, allow improper technique in undeveloped muscles and joints to lead to injury.  Additionally, we generally endeavor to keep training groups together for a season.  Swimmers are evaluated and invited to advance at the end of each season based on the evaluation of their Group Coach with oversight by the Head Coach.


Group Dues

The number after the group name indicates the number of practices per a week you would like to attend. Dues do not include Fundraising obligation, Registration fee or Volunteer Obligation deposit. Dues subject to change.


Development 2 $70/ month
Development 3 $80/ month
Development 4 $90/ month
Challenge 3 $100/ month
Challenge 4 $110/ month
Challenge 5 $120/ month
Challenge 6 $140/ month
Senior 3 $105/ month
Senior 4 $125/ month
Senior 5 $140/ month
Senior 6+ $160/ month