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Molly DeMarco Head Coach

I began my competitive swimming career with FAST swim team in Great Falls, Montana. Later, I swam for my high school as well as Montana State University. I truly believe that swimming changed my life and can attribute most of my adult frendships and opportunities to the swimming community.

I have coached for the Brookies since 2018 and take great pride in encouraging our swimmers to be courageous and empathetic humans, just as my coaches did for me. In addition, I teach middle and high school social studies in Big Sky and am loving every minute! 


Caitlyn Van Meter Age Group Coach
Hi everyone!
I’ve loved swimming since I was a little kid, and would spend my summers at pools, lakes, and rivers. I started swimming competitively in high school and fell in love with the sport and how much of a family my team was.
I grew up as an Air Force brat, and moved from place to place throughout my childhood. I moved to Montana in 2018 to start school at MSU. After moving majors a few times, I’ve settled on Music Tech. In my free time, I love to hike and explore the beauty of this state. I started coaching in February 2021 and couldn’t love it more! I’m so excited to help coach this season!
Kirra Johnson Age Group Coach

Hi, I’m Kirra, one of the coaches for the Bozeman Brookies! I grew up in Southern California and began swimming competitively at five years old for San Clemente Aquatics Team. I immediately fell in love with the sport and continued on to swim club throughout my youth and then four years varsity for San Clemente High School, and have had time as President of the MSU Swim Club. I have worked as a seasonal beach and pool lifeguard, so my life revolves around water!
I am also currently studying psychology and human development at Montana State University, in hopes of getting my BS in psychology. One of my main goals is to help swimmers become the best versions of theirselves, both physically in the water and mentally. I have had so many amazing opportunities and experiences from this sport, and I’m so excited to be able to give back!

Amy Mullen Age Group Coach
Coach Amy has been swimming since age 5 and water has been a part of her life since.
Earning top Montana state rankings in her 10 and under years, she moved to Oregon at 11 and
joined the Corvallis Aquatic Team. This is where she would learn her core characteristics of
discipline, strong work ethic and the ability to push past limits and never give up. As she
continued her swim journey, she found her strengths in free and butterfly, consistently placing
top 3 at state in these events. Through a successful high school career, she graduated and
attended Colorado State University and trained with Amy Van Dyken for a year. Shoulder
injuries forced her to retire from swimming so she transferred to Rocky Mountain College.
A car accident in 2006 left her bed ridden for 2 years and to relearn how to walk and talk again. Using
her swim mantra of “no pain, no gain”, Amy found her way back to the pool for therapy and
began swimming again. She became the head coach of the Peak Waves Swim Team in 2008
and discovered her joy of coaching. Encouraged by her youthful swimmers, she began training
herself in a new modified way and entered her first swim meet shortly thereafter. She qualified
for nationals in 5 events, placing in the Top 5 in all 5 events. She moved to Bozeman in 2018
with her family as a Graphic and Web designer/IT Specialist and her daughter quickly found her
own love and home in the world of swimming.
As Amy states:
My Goal for every child I encounter: To help them find their footing and confidence in this world through a
sport they can embrace and own as their own.
My Philosophy: Quality over Quantity - I build the foundation of technique in every swimmer first, then add
in the endurance and speed. I want every swimmer to be able to swim as long as they choose to swim,
NOT as long as their bodies allow them to swim (injury-prevention).
My Hope for every swimmer: They will be able to use the tools, the confidence, the pride, the hard-work
ethic, and drive to chase after any and every goal and dream they have in life, no matter what direction
they are wanting to go - to hold that space, to see each swimmer as the individual they are meant to be
and to elevate them to their most opportune potential whether they can see that vision yet or not.
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