Butte Tarpon Swim Team

In September 2012 the USA Swimming House of Delegates passed expanded legislation to prohibit bullying and to reduce the risks associated when using electronic communication and social media when adults communicate with minors. Effective January 14, 2013 all clubs/teams must have in place a bullying policy and an electronic communication policy. If a club does not adopt their own policy, then the club by default adopts the USA Swimming bullying policy and electronic communication policy. The policies must be reviewed with and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches, and other adults affiliated with the club.

BTST by default has agreed to use the model policies from USA Swimming.

Model Policy: Action Plan to Address Bullying

Model Policy - Electronic Communication MAAPP 2.0: PDF  Adopted by BTST 6-20-2021

The 2013 USA Swimming rules dealing with bullying and electronic communication can be found in Article 304, Code of Conduct, Article 305, athlete protection policies, and Article 306, sexual misconduct reporting requirements.