No cameras (including cell phone cameras) or other recording devices are allowed behind the blocks at any time.  If you see a camera you should:

  • Inform the camera user of the policy and request that it be put away.
  • Inform the Meet Director or Facility Manager of the camera use.
  • Do this even if the camera user puts the camera away when asked.
  • Exception: a credentialed, official Meet Photographer identified by the Meet Director, stated in the Meet Announcement and available to all athletes is allowed behind the blocks after the start.

I. Content All electronic communication from Applicable Adults to minor athletes must be professional in nature.

II. Open and Transparent Absent emergency circumstances, if an Applicable Adult with authority over minor athletes needs to communicate directly with a minor athlete via electronic communications (including social media), the minor athlete’s legal guardian must be copied. If a minor athlete communicates to the Applicable Adult (with authority over the minor athlete) privately first, said Applicable Adult must copy the minor athlete’s legal guardian on any electronic communication response to the minor athlete.

When an Applicable Adult with authority over minor athletes communicates electronically to the entire team, said Applicable Adult must copy another adult.
III. Requests to Discontinue Legal guardians may request in writing that their minor athlete not be contacted through any form of electronic communication by the club, LSC or by an Applicable Adult subject to this Policy. The organization must abide by any such request that the minor athlete not be contacted via electronic communication, or included in any social media post, absent emergency circumstances.
IV. Hours Electronic communications must only be sent between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., unless emergency circumstances exist, or during competition travel.
V. Prohibited Electronic Communication Applicable Adults with authority over minor athletes are not permitted to maintain private social media connections with unrelated minor athletes and such Applicable Adults are not permitted to accept new personal page requests on social media platforms from minor athletes, unless the Applicable Adult has a fan page, or the contact is deemed as celebrity contact as opposed to regular contact. Existing social media connections with minor athletes must be discontinued. Minor athletes may “friend” the club and/or LSC’s official page.
Applicable Adults with authority over minor athletes must not send private, instant or direct messages to a minor athlete through social media platforms.