Swim team dues and registration fees cover team expenses such as salaries, equipment, administration costs, kids team “swag” etc. 


  1. Training Fees (due monthly): Team dues are due on the 1st of every month. Automatic payment must be set up in Team Unify.  Team Unify accepts all forms of payment such as debit card, credit card and ACH.  Fees are outlined below and can be found on our website at helenadolphins.com. 


Practice Group

Training Fee:

Jr. Dolphins



$80 /mo


$115 /mo


$ 125/mo


  1. Registration Fees (due semi-annual): HDST has a registration fee (per swimmer) at the beginning of every season (short course and long course) The initial fee when first joining the team is $50.00 and then drops to $30.00 after the first season with the team. This is seen as the fairest way to assess the cost of running a high quality, year-round program to each family and keep dues as low as possible.  


  1. USA Swimming Membership Fees (due annual): Regardless of competitive level ALL swimmers must be a member of the National Organization called USA Swimming. It covers our insurance and is MANDATORY for competition. All memberships are renewed right before the season (August/September) short course season. Swimmers that join after August/September will be signed up as a Flex membership ($20) unless the swimmer attends 2 or more meets or qualifies for state, the membership will be automatically upgraded to year-round membership. Your account will be charged the difference for the upgrade in USA Swimming membership.

  • Year-Round Membership ($94 annually): Endless opportunity to compete throughout the year and will allow swimmers to qualify and attend championship level meets. 

  • Flex Membership ($20 annually): This membership is only for meets that are below the LSC Championship level. Swimmers are only allowed to swim in 2 meets throughout the year. Swimmers can upgrade membership at any time by paying the difference. 

  • Seasonal Athlete Membership ($54 annually): This membership is good for athletes who only want to compete in one season (short or long course). This membership only meets below zones, sectionals, and national level meets.


NOTE: Montana Swimming wants to encourage everyone to participate in our swimming programs. Through the Outreach Membership program, reduced priced memberships are offered to athletes from low-income families. The outreach year-round membership fee is $7.00 per athlete.  In addition, Montana Swimming also offers reduced championship meet fees for outreach athletes as well. Outreach athletes pay a flat $10 entry fee to enter any of the Montana Swimming championship meets including Short Course State, Junior B-C Championships, and Long Course State.  


For more information on how to qualify for the outreach membership please reach out to Alana at [email protected]406sportsandaquatics.com or (406) 437-1744.


  1. Capital City Health Club (CCHC) Membership - A family membership at CCHC is required to be on the HDST team.  The membership is set up and paid by the swim team family and must include at least one adult and all swim team members.  The membership must be in place prior to the first day of practice. Attached to this packet a CCHC membership form can be found. CCHC membership form is attached at the end of this document and must be filled out and returned to CCHC. 


Multi-Swimmer Families Discount: There is a 15% discount on the 2nd/3rd child for the training fees for all swim levels .

Prorated Training Fees: Team dues will be prorated for two weeks in March (end of short course) and August (end of long course) while the team allows athletes to rest after a competition season (this will start March 2022).

Cancellations: 30 day written notice is required to cancel your dues for the following month.