Time Standards for Qualifying Meets

 B times, BB, A, AA, AAA, and AAAA Time Standards

 (Ages 9 - 18) LC Meter -p.1, SC Yards - p.2, SCMeters p.3   (revised for 2017-2020)

(Ages 8 & under) LC Meter -p.1, SC Yards - p.2, SC Meters p.3 (revised for 2017-2020)

These standards are used to determine qualification for "State", our MT State Championship meet.  Swimmers must achieve at least one BB time to qualify for "State"  Once qualified, swimmers may choose to enter events from any event they have achieved a B qualifying time or better in the previous 15 months.  Swimmers "aging up" must meet the standards of their new age group.

To Use these charts, first find the page for the type of course you raced in (LCM, SCY, SCM).Find your age group on the chart, then look for the event of interest.  Then read across the columns to find which category your time fits into.


The following TIme Standards refer to even more "upper level" meets.

·         2016 Age Group Sectional Time Standards - 

·         2013 Senior Sectional Time Standards - spring 2013  

·         2013 Western Zone Time Standards - TBA

·         2012 Winter Junior National Time Standards - winter 2012

·         2012 Winter Nationals Time Standards - winter 2012

·         Summer 2013 National Time Standards - Summer 2013

·         Summer 2013 Junior National Time Standards - Summer 2013

·         2013 US Open National Time Standards -Summer 2013