Helena Lions Swim Team



Established 1973

Your swimmer has decided to attend their first swim meet. Once you get there you don’t know what you should do or expect. Most parents have learned through experience or by following the lead of other parents that have a few years experience. Here are a few hints that may help you through your first meet.

  • As you arrive purchase a swim program (usually around $5). They are sold at the meet concession stand. This will be your guide throughout the swim meet.
  • All the swimmers will join the coach for warm-ups. The program will tell you which lanes to report to and what time you are suppose to show up. The coach will take it from there. Be prepared with a towel for your swimmer when warm-ups are done.
  • Swimmers should line up behind the starting blocks 3 heats before the heat they will be swimming in. There is usually an announcer that calls for the event and heat, or there is a flip chart that tells you which event is next in line. The swimmer is ultimately responsible for being ready to go. They will not hold the meet for a missing swimmer.
  • Before your swimmer lines up for his/her event they need to REMEMBER TO CHECK IN WITH THE COACH for last minute instructions!
  • It is helpful to write your swimmers races on their arm/leg. Most swimmers write: Event, Heat, Lane, Distance, and Stroke in a grid that is easy to follow.
  • At the end of the race, your swimmer should check in with the coach again. The coach will go through the race and explain any disqualifications that may have occurred.
  • Several events after the event you have swum, the official times will be posted. Times are usually posted by age and sex. This is the official time that will be used for future seeding.
  • At the completion of the swim meet, there is usually an awards ceremony. Some swim meets have overall trophies, other pass out ribbons for each event. The program should tell you the specifics for that meet. The coaches will usually collect all of the ribbons or uncollected trophies for the team. They will be distributed in your swimmer’s mail box the following Monday.
  • You may leave the meet when your events are completed, but YOU MUST CHECK WITH THE COACH BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Sometimes your swimmer is needed for a team relay.

Remember other parents are GREAT resources if you have additional questions.