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Established 1973

From Montana swimming 2004
Most of us have read the horror stories of poor sportsmanship prevalent in other youth sports. In an effort to keep swimming the fun clean sport that it is, Here's a friendly reminder of good sportsmanship at swim meets.


1. Volunteer!! Every meet needs Volunteer help to run properly.
Volunteer to time. Timers are very important people! In case of a timing equipment malfunction, the watch times are importantin determining the official time. So please don't make the meet manager beg for timers- volunteer and enjoy the action up close.

Volunteer to be an official, Montana swimming always needs more officials, so contact your teams head official or coach for more details.

2. Cheer and Relax!!
Cheer for all the swimmers on your team!!!

Remember we are here for the swimmers. We have all seen the parent who thinks every meet is a warm-up for the Olympics. In truth, Montana will send very few swimmers to the Olympics. Putting pressure on a swimmer to perform takes the fun out of the meet. Relax and enjoy the meet, your swimmer will enjoy swimming a lot more and will probably swim better too.

3. Safety & conduct
Safety is important. If you see an unsafe situation, notify the meet management. Encourage saftey among your swimmers- walk on deck and no horse play.

Don't scream, yell, threaten, push, touch, swear at, or harass meet officials for the calls they make. The USA Swimming rules state that "any non-consensual physical contact, obscene language or gesture, or other threatening language or conduct directed towards any meet official and which is related to any decision made by such official in connection with a USA Swimming sanctioned competition" is a violation of the USA Swimming code of Conduct. Such behavior may result in the person being removed from the venue for the remainder of the meet and/ or the sanctions may be given to the person and possibly the club. Officials are all volunteers. It's easy to sit in the balcony and second guess an official, but remember you don't see what the official sees. Please don't criticize the officials.

If you have a question about a disqualification, talk to your coach first. The coach may be able to explain the disqualification. If not, the coach may protest, question or ask about the call by talking to the meet referee. If your team dosen't have a coach at the meet, a parent may ask the referee about the call. While referees don't mind talking to parents about calls please understand that the referee may not have time to talk to every parent about every disqualification. 

Be quiet and no flash photography at the start of the race.

Don't recruit or encourage a swimmer from another team to join your team. This can be a recruiting violation.

Clean up the area where you are sitting before you leave the meet each day.

4. Say your Thank You's
Thank the officials for volunteering their time to work the meet. The officials work the deck all day, and go home tired with sore, soaking wet feet. While you may not always agree with the calls they make, Encourage your swimmers and other parents to tell the officials thank you.

Thank the coaches, Remember to tell your coach thank you! Coaches work many hours with your swimmer, often with low pay. Encourage your coach. If you are at a meet without a coach and another coach helps your swimmers remember to thank them to. 


1. Talk to your coaches before and after every race.

2. Think sportsmanship, you don't have to be best friends with your competition but at least be polite to them, they are their to have fun just like you.

3. Be quiet at the start of the race, respect the swimmers on the block's and hopefully they will do the same when it is your turn to race.

4. Cheer for all the swimmers on your team.

5. Clean up the area where you are sitting before you leave the meet each day.

6. Say your Thank you's. Thank the timers, officials, and coaches. If it wasn't for these people you would not have a meet to swim in so thank all of them for the time they have given to you.

7. You forgot one thank you. Thank your parents, let them know how much swimming means to you and how you appreciate them taking you to swim meets.

Have fun! Swimming is a great sport. Let's all be good sports at the meet.