Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.            What constitutes the pool deck at a swim meet?

A.            The pool deck is the area immediately around the pool. Swimmers not competing and parents not working in the meet are asked to remain clear of the deck so that meet and practice operations can continue in a safe manner. What constitutes a pool deck will be different at each pool. Each pool has different rules but most pool rules state there is a viewing area and the pool deck. Parents should not be on the deck unless they have a swimmer that is 8 & under and most pools have volunteers that try to enforce that rule.      Most parents are not USA Registered so they have no insurance through USA; therefore in case of an accident the host pool and host team are at risk. Another reason to limit who is on deck is efficiency. Most USA Swimming meets have over 200 swimmers competing in the meet that makes close to 400 parents plus another 100 for siblings or grand parents. That many people around the pool, plus coaches, officials and  the necessary volunteers moving this way and that can create a major road block that prevent swimmers from getting to the starting blocks.

Q.            During a swim meet, how/when should you feed your swimmer?

A.            It depends on the swimmer and their needs. Some swimmers can eat a full meal during competition and do fine, but some can only eat snacks here and there. Parents should keep tabs on what their swimmers are eating and the amount of energy the swimmers have. Food should be of lighter nature staying away from greasy foods, candy, pop and dairy products.  More detailed information regarding this is available on the HLST website.

Q.        I was told my swimmer missed a race that he didn’t sign up for. How could that happen?

A. When you sign up for a swim meet, the coach takes the information and completes a team entry form. He does his best to complete the form accurately, but errors can occur. In addition to errors the coach may add an event to challenge your swimmer. You should verify the events your swimmer has been entered into for each swim meet. Usually a listing of events will be on the window the week of the swim meet. Please take a moment to review the events you are signed up for prior to going to the meet. This will also ensure that your entry made it into the system.