Swimcloud College Recruiting Platform

Swimcloud is an online college recruiting platform. https://www.swimcloud.com/.  You can see where you rank on the top times list, how you rank compared to other swimmers, and more. You can upload practice or race video to analyze the swim metrics and work with your coach. Find the college that’s right for you with a free recruiting profile, and more.

Learn more at Swimcloud’s recruit me page: https://www.swimcloud.com/swimmers/recruitme/

Be Seen: Times are just one part of the recruiting Equation. College Coaches also evaluate video, review transcripts, track improvements, and monitor social media. Hundreds of colleges both big and small use Swimcloud to fill their recruiting needs. Swimmers can set up a free recruiting profile that will be seen by college coaches and you can show them why you would be an asset to their team.

Do Your Homework: Finding the right school can be overwhelming. Do you want a big university or small college? What doe sit take to be admitted? What does it cost? Am I ready to move across the country or across town? Where will I fit on the team?

Swimcloud’s powerful search tools help you make a list of potential schools easily based on size, competitiveness, academics, cost, distance and more. You’ll find schools you haven’t heard of and see how schools match your criteria.

Find the Right Fit: There are many factors to consider when choosing a school, but some are more important. With a Swimcloud Varsity Account you can unlock additional features to see where you would fit on a team’s depth chart, estimate your likelihood of being admitted, find out what it would cost, and see how long it will take to get to the campus.

Communicate and commit: Swimcloud lets you communicate with schools directly and securely. You can let coaches know you are interested, what meets are coming up, and when you’ll be making visits.

Check out Swimcloud at https://www.swimcloud.com/.