So You'd Like to Become a Coach? Here are the Requirements

The new USA Coach Certification program began September 1, 2022.

Foundation of Coaching 101 and 201 has been replaced by a course called "Quality of Coaching Framework" ALL Coaches even if they have taken Foundation of Coaching 101/201 and are Grandfathered in, will still be required to complete this free course by Dec. 31,2022

"Core Certification" is a requirement for brand new coaches to USA/S and cost is $50, this course will need to be completed by new coaches no later than Dec 31, 2023

The coach membership requirements can also be found on the Montana Swimming home page under the registration tab.

Non-Athlete Coach Membership:

Everyone must now complete online registration. See the registration tab for more information.


USA Swimming Account

Deck Pass accoutns were done away with in September 2022. Everyone now needs a new USA Swimming account. Download it to your phone.


USAS Coach Registration Requirements.

Miscellaneous USAS Forms and Information

Other important forms and instructions may be accessed below:

  • Racing Start Certification Form
  • Racing Start Certification FAQ's