Montana Swimming Outreach Policy and Outreach Championship Meet Fees

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MT Swimming Outreach Athlete Membership Policy was updated effective September 1, 2021   PDF

MT Swimming Expanded Outreach Membership Program (providing expanded Outreach membership opportunities during the COVID-19 Pandemic) passed October 2020   PDF It will most likely sunset on August 31, 2022.

What is the Montana Swimming Outreach Membership? Learn more here.

The Annual Year Round Outreach Registration Fee is just $7.00: Montana Swimming wants to encourage all families to consider swimming. Montana Swimming is pleased to offer a offer an outreach membership to athletes from low income families who meet the income criteria as well as disability athletes who meet the criteria. An outreach membership allows swimmers to join USA Swimming at a reduced rate of $7.00 for a year round membership. Please refer to the outreach policy for details.

Reduced Championship Meet Entry Fees for Outreach Athletes: Montana Swimming also offers a reduced meet entry fee for outreach members to compete at the Montana Swimming championship meets including Short Course State, Junior BC State, and Long Course State. Outreach athlete members pay $10 total to enter these meets.