2021 Western Zone Virtual Inclusion Summit August 14, 2021:

This summit will provide a space for conversation among the many social identity groups of

USA Swimming in which perspectives can be shared and plans to be more inclusive can

be created by athletes and non-athletes alike. It will be hosted by TruClusion and the WZ DEI


SUMMIT SCHEDULE: The summit will be two sessions with two segments in each session. 

Each session will include a stroke technique segment presented by USA Swimming’s

National Team High Performance Consultant, Russell Mark, and an interactive segment

during which individuals will be able to discuss the challenges of increasing inclusion and to

brainstorm plans to help teams, LSC’s and the Zone as a whole increase inclusion in swimming.


NUMBER of ATTENDEES: 8 participants from each LSC: 4 athletes, 1 DEI Chair, and 3

additional persons who may be a coach, an official, a DEI Committee member, athlete

representative,or other volunteers.

Montana Swimming will fund up to 8 participants.

COST: $35 per adult; $15 per athlete.

Persons may choose to sign up separately from the LSC and pay their own summit fee.

Open online registration will be available July 2.


ATHLETE PARTICIPANT AGE: 13-16 years of age at the time of the summit.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: To be considered to represent the Montana Swimming at this

event, one must submit their application to Susan Huckeby by NO LATER THAN JULY 1, 2021.


APPLICATION LINK: The application is a Google Doc and can be accessed here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Susan Huckeby at [email protected] 

2020 Western Zone Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Camp:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, USA Swimming has changed the

Western Zone DEI camp and summit to 

a virtual camp and summit.

The Western Zone DEI virtual camp will be combined with the Central Zone.

Virtual DEI Camp Dates: June 5-6, 2020

There is no fee to attend the camp or summit.

Representing Montana Swimming: O'Shay Birdinground (BY) and Susan Huckeby (BTST).

Location: Boise State University, Boise, Idaho

Date: June 11-14, 2020

Host: Snake River Swimming 

Pools: 25 SCY pool at Boise State University and 50 LCM pool at West Valley YMCA.

Applications: Applications are posted online on the USA Swimming website and are due by 5:00 pm Mountain time on March 13.

Western Zone Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Select Camp - June 11-14 at Boise State University:

The Athlete Applications for the WZ DEI Select Camp are now open

Montana Swimming may send two athletes and possibly up to two alternates. The application is open now on the USA Swimming website and closes at 5:00 pm Mountain time on March 13. This camp is held at the same time as the MAC Firecracker meet.

In the application it states athletes may be 11-16 years of age. This is the age group for the Central Zone Camp. The Western Zone is meeting with USA Swimming and the athlete age for the Western Zone may be changed to 13-16. At this time 11-12 year olds may apply. Athletes should have a 13-14 AA qualifying time or faster to apply and must also submit an IMX score. Athletes should be a part of an under-represented minority in USA Swimming including ethnic minorities, low income outreach members, LGBTQ, or may meet other criteria as listed on the application.

At the same time the Western Zone will also host a DEI summit which is open to the LSC DEI Chair and another volunteer -- coach, athlete representative, official or parent volunteer. The summit application will also be an online application, but is not yet open.

Montana Swimming will pay the $200 registration fee and transportation for the athletes and two summit participants.

If you have questions please contact Susan Huckeby, MT Swimming DEI Chair, or call 406.491.4698.

Direct Camp Link Here: https://usaswimming.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cIKr9Tzmy7JgbAh

Listed on USAS Here:  https://www.usaswimming.org/news-landing-page/2017/02/23/zone-diversity-select-camp (and shown below)

USA Swimming webinar on how to apply for the camp may be viewed here: https://usaswimming.adobeconnect.com/_a792273714/pvzir5hqpdpr/?proto=true  

Fundamental Objectives and Purpose of the Zone Diversity Select Camp: (from the USA-S website)

  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Leadership
  • Excellence

Each year two Zones host a camp. In 2020, the Western and Central Zones will host their camps. Although USA Swimming supports these camps, each Zone is encouraged to develop a camp plan that reflects the goals of the Zone.






Boise State University

Boise, ID

June 11-14, 2020


Athlete Application

Athletes must be between the ages of 11-16 and cannot have attended the National Diversity Select Camp or the Zone Select Camps. The Zone Diversity Committee establishes the performance requirements for applicants. LSC Diversity and Inclusion Chairs select the athletes that will attend camp. 

The deadline to apply is March 13th.
The Western Zone Athlete Application is available here.


Basic Information

The purpose of the camp is to create an atmosphere of Motivation and Educational opportunities for athletes of underrepresented cultural, ethnic and socioeconomic groups to develop the necessary Leadership skills to achieve Excellence in their sport and their home communities.


Any USA Swimming registered athlete member who is eligible to represent the USA in international competition: a U.S. citizen who has NOT represented another country in international competition, in the case of dual citizens (your sport nation must be the United States), meets the qualification time standards, has not previously attended a USA Swimming Zone or National Diversity Select Camp. Athletes must represent an underrepresented community and/or an ethnically underrepresented population that is less than 10% of the current USA Swimming membership. These populations can include: African American, Hispanic, Asian or Pacific Islander, Native American, LGBTQ+ and others.


Zone Diversity Select Camps should have a maximum of 48 participants.


The Zone establishes the fee for the camp. USA Swimming contributes $10,000 to each camp. The home LSC may cover the remaining expense for their athletes.
The Western Zone camp fee is $200 per athlete.


Personal coaches of athletes who qualify are welcome to attend the Regional Diversity and Inclusion Summit. Their role at the camp is to participate in the summit and learn about the USA Swimming Diversity and Inclusion efforts. The personal coaches do not participate in the coaching of the camp.


The Regional Diversity and Inclusion summit is open to anyone who wishes to attend and learn about the USA Swimming Diversity and Inclusions programming and initiatives. Cost is determined by the Zone. Summit attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses.
Western Zone Summit: $200 per attendee- includes lodging, meals and airport transportation.
Registration for the Summits will open shortly.


USA Swimming staff will select the camp staff. USA Swimming staff also handles travel arrangements and outfitting of the camp staff


Staff from the Sport Development are available for presentations and camp support.


The US Center for Safe Sport and USA Swimming prohibit discrimination against any member or participant on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, gender expression and gender identity is prohibited (304.3.3). In the event that a question should arise about whether an athlete’s request to participate in a manner consistent with his/her/their gender identity is bona fide, USA Swimming will refer to the Code of Conduct and follow its standard procedures of enforcement.

The 2018 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Select Camp was

held June 14-17, 2018 at San Diego Sate University in beautiful

San Diego, California! 

Camp Reports:

Sara Guillen     O'Shay Birdinground    Bennett Apostol    Kristen Wyatt    Susan Huckeby

Western Zone Diversity Select Camp Eligibility: Any swimmer who represents an

ethnically under-represented population that is less than 10% of the current USA

Swimming membership is eligible for this camp. including African American, Native

American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, Pacific Islander, Native Alaskan, Native Hawaiian,

Outreach (low income), LGBTQ, or diverse in another way.

*Funding:  Montana Swimming will fund and may send up to two athletes, a coach, and

the MT Swim Diversity and Inclusion Chair to attend this camp/summit. In 

addition up to four athlete alternates may be selected. Alternates will be

notified by the Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp Committee if

they have been chosen to attend the camp. 

*Camp requirements are eligibility included in the applications.

*Adults may also apply to attend the Diversity Summit held in conjunction

with the camp. Funding for summit participants is not guaranteed by

Montana Swimming and summit participants may have to pay all or

part of their expenses to attend the summit.

*Selection: MT Swimming Diversity and Inclusion Chair Susan Huckeby

will select the athletes, alternates, coach and summit participants to attend the

camp based on the submitted applications and any other Montana

Swimming diversity and inclusion program requirements.

*If any participant is selected and Montana Swimming pays the fees

or other costs for that person to attend and that person does not attend

the camp/summit, that person will be required to reimburse Montana

Swimming for any fees paid.


2016 Western Zone Diversity and Inclusion Camp - Salt Lake City, Utah

Representing Montana Swimming: AJ Popp (KATS athlete), Mrs. Toni Popp (KATS)

and Susan Huckeby (BTST).

2016 Susan Huckeby Camp Report   PDF

2016 AJ Popp Camp Report    PDF



2016 WZ D&I Camp athletes and coaches