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Susan Huckeby and Jay Friend, Interim MT Swimming Membership and Registration Chairs

email : [email protected] and [email protected]

cell:  (406) 491-4698 (Susan) or (760) 333-7382 (Jay)

2023 Montana Swimming Registration Information

            Each year swimmers must register with USA Swimming. Beginning with the 2023 registration year, we are registering via the new Online Membership Registration (OMR). The 2023 registration period runs from September 1, 2022 - December 31, 2023. Payment is made online this year as your register. Do not send registration payments to Montana Swimming.


Instructions for USA Swimming registration:

IF YOU EXPERIENCE ISSUES WITH REGISTRATION: Submit a ticket through the following link (SWIMS Support) to fix any issues with registraton or to ask any questions about your account.



When you register with USA Swimming be sure to include your ethnicity or disability. 

Increase Diversity: Increase Ethnic, Multicultural, Disability, and Socio-Economic Diversity at all levels of our sport. We cannot change what we do not measure.

Encourage New Initiatives Be counted! Let USA Swimming and Montana Swimming know you are out there and you want them to continue to find new ways to encourage diversity and inclusion.

Stay Informed Stay informed of opportunities for swimmers like you! 

USAS Coach Registration Requirements

Miscellaneous USAS Forms and Information

Other important forms and instructions may be accessed below:

  • Racing Start Certification Form
  • Racing Start Certification FAQ's