Attention Swimmers attending Out-of-State Meets.

If you are a swimmer attending an out-of-state meet, or a coach with a swimmer who attends an out of state meet, you must email the Meet Manager back-up (.mdb) file to the LSC Times Chair and wesbmaster Susan Huckeby so the Team Unify website will be correctly updated.

If you believe your swimmer has set a new Montana Swimming State Record at an out of state meet, you will need to send the HyTek Team Manager (TM) results file to our state records chair, currently Kyle Kallin for verification and posting of the record.

Also note that if you have any officially sanctioned local meet, it is the responsibility of the host meet manager to make sure that the Meet Manager Backup file gets sent to the LSC Times Chair.

In Meet Calendar Abbreviations:

  Shaded meets indicate qualifying meets (meets with predetermined qualifying times)

  SCY -- Short Course Yard pool/meet

  LCM -- Long Course Meter pool/meet

  SCM -- Short Course Meter Pool/meet

  OME -- Meet Entries done via USAS Online Meet Entry System

Nagashima Travel Fund

In the mid 1990s Chuck Nagashima, a Billings swim parent, passed away.  He left behind a trust fund to be used by Montana swimmers.  It was Chuck's wish that the fund be used to help send financially needy swimmers to advanced out of state meets.  MORE INFO