Montana Meet Sanctioning Information

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Instructions for hosting a regular sanctioned meet :

  1. Step 1: Get your meet sanctioned by MT Swimming
    Please submit both the proposed Meet Contract and one of the completed forms below to Matt Yovich, the Montana Swimming General Chair.  (Meets must have a meet referee, meet director, and either an admin referee or admin official to be sanctioned. All must be current non-athlete members of USA Swimming.) Once sanctioned, your contract will be returned with a sanction number.  At that point you are set to publish your Meet Contract.  Email the completed information to Matt Yovich. Payments are mailed to Steph Boysen, Registration Chair, PO Box 5208, Helena, MT 59604-5208.

    Please use the following checklist to make sure that all necessary information is included in your meet contract. MEET Contract Checklist - MSWORD - PDF.

    1. Meet Contract  Meet Contract Template Updated December 2018    Word   PDF

    2. USA Swimming LSC Sanctioning UPDATED Additional Requirements Regarding COVID-19 effective through August 31, 2022:   PDF

    3. Meet Sanction Form:  Word   PDF   updated 11/29/2022  (The sanction form is the most commonly used form to sanction a meet in Montana Swimming). Also see number 2 and 3 above for the new requirements for sanctioning regarding COVID-19 requirements.      ~ OR~

    4. Meet Approval Form (Form F)  Word    PDF (updated 1/2020) OR

    5. Observed Championship Swim Meet Form B:  Word    PDF  updated 1/2020 (For High School State) 

    6. Observed non-championship Swim Meet Form A:   Word   PDF  updated 1/2020 OR

    7. A list of current certified pools for the purpose of National record setting can be found on the USA Swimming website.

    8. How to order radios for use by officials at any Montana Swimming sanctioned swim meet:  PDF

    9. All sanction fees and meet fees should be mailed to MT Swim Admin Vice Chair Tracy Flikkema at 150 Keystone Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714.


  2. Step 1: Email the completed forms to: Eric Belasco at [email protected]

  3. Step 2: Once all your swimmers entries are entered the week of the meet, you need to send a Meet Manager back-up file to Susan Huckeby so that she can check and make sure that all swimmers are currently registered. (In Meet Manager go to file, backup and follow the prompts.)
  4. Have a great meet.
  5. Step 3: Once meet is finished, compile your Meet Financial Report
    1. This Form should be filed within 45 days of the completion of the meet.
      Meet Financial Report (updated 11/29/22)   Word    PDF

    2. Send this report to Jay Friend (General Chair) and a copy to treasurer Matt Yovich. Contact information for Jay and Matt is included with the forms. Meet fees and sanction fees should be mailed to Tracy Flikkema, 150 Keystone, Drive, Belgrade, MT 59714.

  6. After the meet is finished, send a Meet Manager back-up of the results to Susan Huckeby to upload to SWIMS and TU and to post on the Montana Swimming website..

  7. After the meet is finished, send a Team Manager back-up of the results to Michelle Schermerhorn, records chair, to check for new state records.

For Clubs Wishing to BID to host a Montana Swimming Sanctioned Championship State Meet:

If Your club desires to bid to host a Montana swimming sanctioned championship state swim meet, please follow the directions below to submit a bid.

Your club must submit a MT State Meet Bid Form (updated February 3, 2021)  Word   PDF . 

You must fill out one form for each championship meet you are bidding on.  Please submit this request to: MT Swimming General Chair Matt Yovich at [email protected] by deadlines listed below. 

Bid conditions and maximum bids:

  • Bidders are required to submit bids 14 days prior to the appropriate House of Delegates meeting.
  • Bidders must include itemization of the rental expenses and estimated costs in their bid.
  • Bidders must submit proof of actual costs for those items with their meet financial form in order to receive the bid reimbursement. 
  • Bids shall not exceed $15,000. Allowable reimbursable rental costs include pool rent (inclusive of facility and staff costs), networking equipment, Port-a-Johns, and other reasonable items as itemized in each bid.
  • Failure to submit all the required bid information may result in the bid being rejected.

Junior B-C Championships and Short Course State: Submit bids no later than 14 days prior to the Spring HOD meeting in May.  At the spring HOD meeting we will vote on the host, venue, and date for these meets.  Bid submission date is May 1 if the HOD meeting is May 15. 

Long Course State: Submit bids no later than 14 days prior to the the fall HOD meeting in October.  At the fall HOD meeting we will vote on the host, venue, and date for this meet.  Advised submission date is September 16 if the HOD meeting is October 1.

The host team must provide all necessary timing equipment, organize volunteer staff, provide hospitality for coaches and officials, and provide all program printing.  The host team will receive the profit from the concession stand, swim shop, sponsorships from the community, program sales, and their ad sales that are in the programs they sell. 

Montana Swimming will pay for awards.The award order must be coordinated by the host team.

MT Swimming receives all meet entry fees, time trial fees, and splash fees, if applicable. 

Montana Swimming must receive the bid information no less than 14 days prior to the HOD meeting and may post the bids on the website for everyone to review. 

For OFFICIALS wishing to have an assigned position at a state championship meet:

Officials Request for Assigned Position Form (updated January 2019) -  Word    PDF  (This form is not meet specific.)

USA Swimming Sanction Appeal Process:

USA Swimming is pleased to announce the launch of the Zone Sanction Appeal Process, approved by the 2013 House of Delegates for implementation in January 2015.


For the first time, there is an appeal procedure for a meet host who believes it should be granted the right to host a USA Swimming-sanctioned event. The opportunity now exists to appeal an LSC-denied sanction decision to a Zone Sanction Appeal Panel (ZSAP). While all meet hosts have the right to submit an appeal, every effort should be made to resolve the conflict at the LSC level before the meet host initiates an appeal.


The  handbook below outlines how the process works, the authority of the LSC and the Zone Sanction Appeal Panel, and the procedure for initiating an appeal. The Appeal process goes into effect immediately and is available for all sanction denials since January 1, 2015.

USA Swimming Sanction Process Appeal Handbook