In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many teams may wish to host a virtual meet. USA Swimming has released an updated version of the virtual meet how to's in June 2020. See information below. Check back for updated final requirements.


Note from Montana Swimming Official's Chair Lon Huckert about the virtual meet referee training:

  • One thing USA Swimming stressed was trying to ensure you had the same number of officials at each venue, so that one is not over officiated.  The Meet Referee will need to coordinate between the different locations to ensure they are officiated similarly.  
  • USA Swimming has made social distancing a priority, so finding a way to maintain that during the meet is important.
  • Don't be surprised if changes occur to the procedures as they are continually improving them. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Documents and information from the USA Swimming Referee Clinic on Virtual meets held June 2020:

Virtual Meets - Updated June 2020 -- PDF (This is a fluid document and will most likely be updated. Check with USA Swimming for current versions.)

Provisional Stroke and Turn Officials Recommendations:  PDF

Considerations for Meet Referees  PDF

Meet Considerations Clarifications   PDF

Virtual Meet Recommendations - Officials   PDF

Virtual Meet Information for Meet Referees Online Clinic Recording Link:


Virtual Meet – a meet held at multiple sites according to the guidelines approved by USA Swimming and sanctioned by the host LSC(s).  The competition may be held on multiple days and shall follow the same order of events and configuration of officials at each site.  Official times may be uploaded to the SWIMS database by the host LSC(s) and meet officials may have sessions logged into OTS by the LSC(s) Officials’ Chair or designee according to LSC policy.

Intra-Squad Meet – a sanctioned competition exclusively among members of a single club.  The meet may be held as a virtual meet at multiple sites on multiple days.

Inter-Squad Meet – a sanctioned competition among members of more than one club.  The meet may be held as a virtual meet at multiple sites on multiple days.