Check Your Team Insurance -- Is Your Insurance Valid?

Susan Huckeby

Did you know? Your USA Swimming insurance does NOT cover your practices, including activities in and out of the water, if you have a non-registered individual participating with your registered members. Even if one individual has failed to renew their 2023 USA Swimming membership, your entire practice is uninsured. 

The only exceptions are the following:

  1. If there is a lane separation (e.g., USA Swimming members are in lanes 1-3 and non-USA Swimming members are in lanes 4-6). However, one coach cannot supervise both groups at the same time.
  2. If the unregistered individual is involved in a USA Swimming tryout.
  3. If the non-USA Swimming members are current U.S. Masters members.

Make sure your USA Swimming member club, as well as your athletes and coaches, are covered by requiring 2023 individual USA Swimming registration.

Follow this guide to help your members complete their registration in SWIMS by providing instructions with your team registration link included.  

USA Swimming Insurance Website

For your swim meets, check that all swimmers are registered by sending a Meet manage rback-up of your entries to Susan Huckeby to verify the swimmers are current members.