Montana House of Delegates (HOD) News

The Montana Swimming Secretary is Susan Huckeby

2022 FALL HOD Meeting

Sunday, October 2 ~ This will be a hybrid in-person and virtual meeting -- at Carroll College in Helena (see location information below) ~ Time: 10:00 a.m.

An online meeting link will be sent to all officers and clubs prior to the meeting. Others wishing to attend the meeting should contact General Chair Matt Yovich for the meeting link.


Each club is invited to send 1 athlete representative and 1 club representative to represent their team at all HOD meetings.

Each representative, both athlete and club member, are considered voting members of the HOD.

 Meeting Notice:   PDF  

Meeting AGENDA:   PDF

Meeting Location:   PDF    Carroll College Map

2022 Fall Draft Meeting Minutes:  

2022 Fall Meeting Draft Proposals with Recommendations:  PDF    Policy/Procedure/Rules Document DRAFT

2022 Elected Officers:  The following persons were elected at the Fall HOD meeting:  

  • General Chair:  Jay Friend (MAC)
  • Admin Vice Chair:  Michelle Schermerhorn (MYST)
  • Program Development Vice Chair: Jessica Marshall (BAC)
  • Records Chair: Michelle Schermerhorn (MYST)
  • Technical Planning Chair: Beth Storey (HDST)
  • Officials Chair (elected by the officials): Eric Belasco (BOZ):
  • Appointed positions:
  • Webmaster: Susan Huckeby
  • LSC Times Chair: Susan Huckeby

2022 Spring HOD Approved Meeting Minutes: PDF 

2023 Draft Long Course Meet Schedule:   APPROVED

Fiscal Year 2023 MT Swim Draft Budget:   

2023 MT Swimming Long Course State Meet Bids:    BOZ

Chair Reports (will be posted as submitted)

  • General Chair's Report             PDF
  • Administration Vice Chair's Report 
  • Secretary's  Report                            PDF
  • Finance Vice Chair's Report   
  • Treasurer's Reports:   2022 Staement of Activity Year To Date Comparison   PDF;  2022 Fall Statement of Financial Position  PDF;   2021 FY Budget vs Actuals FY 2021 PL   PDF       
  • Registration Chair's Reports  
  • LSC Time's Chair Report       
  • Official's Chair Report          
  • Senior Development Chair's Report - Age Group Zone Update   
  • Program Development/Age Group Chair's Report (Zone Coordinator) 
  • Technical Chair's Report (see the LC meet schedule posted above)
  • Record's Chair Report   
  • Safe Sport Chair's Report        PDF  
  • Operational Risk (Safety) Chair's Report
  • Diversity, Disability, Equity & Inclusion Chair's Report       PDF
  • 2021 WZ Inclusion Summit Report   ​
  • IT Chair's Report (webmaster)           PDF  
  • Coach Representative's Report
  • Athlete Representatives' Reports   
  • Scholastic All American Report   PDF         Complete Athlete List  
  • Montana Swimming By-Laws Approved 12-31-2020   PDF

2022 Spring HOD Meeting

Date: Sunday, May 15.  7:00 pm   This is a virtual meeting.

Location: Virtual meeting

General Chair Matt Yovich sent out the virtual meeting invite to coaches, clubs, and board members. Others wishing to attend the meeting should contact Matt for the meeting invite. (The zoom meeting information is not posted to prevent zoom bombing.)

Each club is invited to send 1 athlete representative and 1 club representative to represent their team and vote on issues presented at all HOD meetings. Each representative, both athlete and club member, are considered voting members of the HOD.  Teams, please email Susan Huckeby the names of your two voting members and their email address by no later than May 13.

Here are the details for the upcoming HOD meeting:

  • Date: Sunday May 15, 2022
  • Time:  Meeting will start at 7:00 pm 
  • Location:    Virtual Meeting (contact Matt Yovich for the link to attend)
  • Bring: Your computer or mobile device to attend the meeting as well as the meeting paperwork posted online. And a smile....Think Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Success!

Montana Swimming Core Values: Integrity, Excellence, Unity.

Montana Swimming's Mission: Montana Swimming, united in service, achieving excellence in and out of the pool.

Meeting Agenda:       PDF

Meeting Notice:    PDF

2022 Spring HOD Approved Meeting Minutes:    PDF

2022-2023 Montana Swimming Short Course Meet Schedule:  Approved PDF

MT Swim Championship Meet Bid Form:   Word   PDF

Bids for the 2023 MT Swim SC State Championships:  None at this time

Bids for the 2023 MT Swim Junior BC Championships:  BOZ

Athlete of the Year Nominations: Athlete of the Year Nominations Power Point Calculation Form  The award is currently based on a formula using Hy-Tek power points and the award calculation is determined prior to the spring HOD meeting. The qualifying time period is May 1 of the previous year through April 30 of the current year.

  • Female -  Lily Milner, KATS/GAC - 4302 points
  • Male -     Winston Sundeen, BOZ - 4257 points

Sports Person of the Year Nominations: Athletes must be a junior or senior in high school to receive the award.  Award considerations include leadership, community service, scholarship, work experience, swimming, sportsmanship and other considerations. 

  • Female Award Winner: Ada Qunell
  • Female Nominees:  Ada Qunell (KATS)
  • Male Award Winners: Jackson Moe
  • Male Nominees: Jackson Moe (MYST)

Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award Nominations: This annual award is presented to a Montana Swimming non-coach volunteer, elected by the HOD at the spring meeting. A person may receive the award once.

Chair Reports (will be posted as submitted)

  • General Chair's report       PDF                       
  • Administration Vice Chair's report   PDF           
  • Finance Vice Chair's report       PDF                   
  • Treasurer's Reports
    • FY 2021 P&L vs Budget     PDF
    • FY 2021 P&L vs Previous    PDF  
    • FY 2021 Financial Position Comparison     PDF  
  • Secretary's report                                    PDF
  • Registration Chair's reports                       PDF
  • Official's Chair's report                             PDF
  • Senior Development Chair's report             PDF
  • Technical Planning Chair's  report        (see SC meet schedule above)
  • LSC Times Chair report  PDF   Meet Qualifier Report   Meet Statistics Report  
  • Records Chair's report                              PDF
  • Safe Sport Chair's report                           PDF
  • Safety Chair's  report                                 PDF
  • Diversity, Disability, Equity & Inclusion Chair's report   PDF 
  • Age Group Chair (Zones) report                 PDF
  • IT Chair's (webmaster) report                    PDF
  • Coach Representative's report                    PDF
  • Athlete Representative's reports                 PDF
  • Scholastic All-American report                   PDF  Time Standards   PDF
  • Reports from the USA Swimming Zone Workshop: Susan Huckeby


Previous meeting data may be accessed under other tabs under LSC Info and Docs such as HOD meeting minutes, executive board minutes, and so on.