Montana Swimming Contact Information

Montana Swimming Board Members    

Board Position Name  Email Team
General Chair* Jay Friend [email protected] MAC
Administrative Vice-Chair* Michelle Schermerhorn [email protected] MYST
Program Development Vice-Chair* Jessica Marshall

[email protected]          BAC

Program Operations Vice Chair  (Zone team coordinator)*

Stephanie Boysen [email protected] HLST
Finance Vice Chair* Tracy Flikkema  [email protected] BAC
Secretary* Susan Huckeby [email protected] BTST
Co- Coach Representative*  Jessica Marshall [email protected] BAC
Co- Coach Representative* Caty Flikkema [email protected] BAC
Sr. Athlete Representatives* 1.  Connor Mizner  [email protected] MYST
  2. Addy Lewis  [email protected] KATS
Jr. Athlete Representatives 1. Analise Belasco  [email protected] BOZ
  2. Jesse McCormick  [email protected] MYST
Safe Sport Coordinator Brenda Huckert [email protected] BOZ
Treasurer Matt Yovich [email protected] BOZ
Sanction Chair Matt Yovich [email protected] BOZ
Officials Chair Eric Belasco [email protected] BOZ
Records Coordinator Michelle Schermerhorn [email protected] MYST
Technical Planning Chair Beth Storey [email protected] HDST
Membership Registration Coordinator


Susan Huckeby

Jay Friend

 [email protected] and [email protected]  
LSC Times Officer (SWIMS, TU, NTV) Susan Huckeby [email protected] BTST
Operational Risk Chair (Safety) Caty Flikkema [email protected] BAC
Diversity, Disability, Equity & Inclusion Chair (DDEI) Susan Huckeby [email protected] BTST
Information Technology Chair (webmaster) Susan Huckeby [email protected] BTST
MT Swimming Social Media  Co-Coordinator  Jessica Marshall  [email protected]  BAC
MT Swimming Social Media  Co-Coordinator  Caty Flikkema  [email protected]  BAC
Montana Swimming Committees:
Reach Out Grant Committee Susan Huckeby, chair Tracy Flikkema (BAC) and Addy Lewis (MAC) athlete representative 
Officials Committee Eric Belasco, chair Susan Huckeby (BTST) and Dax Rice (BAC)
Governance Committee   Kristen Wyatt (BY), Nicole Olsen (BOZ), Caty Flikkema (BAC), Laine Gilluly (BY athlete), Ella Stack (MAC athlete)
Administrative Review Committee   Pat King (GFST), Alana Cunningham (HDST), Robyn Lewis (MAC), Abbey Nynas (BAC athlete), Michael Schermerhorn (MYST athlete); Athlete alternates: Luke Wendt (HDST); Lane Gilluly (BY)
Finance Committee Tracy Flikkema, chair  
Athlete Committee Addy Lewis and Connor Mizner, co-chairs  
Operational Risk Committee Caty Flikkema, chair  
Nominating Committee Michelle Schermerhorn, chair  
Diversity, Disability, Equity, and Inclusion Susan Huckeby, Chair  


Each club is invited to send 1 athlete representative and 1 adult non-athlete representative to represent their team at all House of Delegates (HOD) meetings.  Each representative, both athlete and non-athlete adult member, are considered voting members of the HOD.

*Executive Board members