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The Montana Swimming Officials Chair is Lon Huckert from Bozeman e-mail or phone 406-522-3775.

USA Swimming - How to Become an Official -- here.

2022 USA Swimming Digital Rule Book   here    2022 Mini Rule Book   here


The 2020 - 2021 COVID Training Addendum was rescinded on October 2, 2021. Officials may no longer train using these guidelines.


Interested in becoming a stroke and turn official? Here are the requirements in a one page document.     2020-2022 Stroke and Turn Official Training Requirements:  This is a one page document with the training requirement basics for persons wishing to train as a stroke and turn official.   Word   PDF

2020 - 2022 Montana Swimming Requirements to Officiate:   Word   PDF  Here are the basic how to's of how to become a certified official (stroke and turn judge, chief judge, starter, referee, admin official, and timer) as well as how to renew your official's certifications. 


Deck Time Report Form - Updated    --  XLS    PDF  You need to keep track of your training time on deck. Use this form to record your stroke and turn training time. It must be submitted with your application to become a certified official.

Officials Application    --  WORD    PDF  Trainees submit this application to become a certified Montana Swimming application. Complete the form, include your deck time report form, and e-mail it to the Montana Swimming Officials Chair Lon Huckert.

How to Register as a Non-Athete Official with USA Swimming:

Beginning September 1, 2022 all applications to register as a non-athlete official and apprentice official will be done online through a registration link emailed to you from your club or, if unattached, Montana Swimming will email you a registration link. Contact the Montana Swimming Registration Chair Stephanie Boysen for the unattached non-athlete link. Contact your club registrar or head coach for the club registration link.

2022 USA Swimming Apprentice Official Application   Word

2022 USA Swimming Non-Athlete Registration Form    Word

2021 USA Swimming National Minimum Certification Standards   PDF

Online Training Videos, PowerPoint presentations, tests, rule books:

To find these resources go to the USA Swimming website and click on the officials tab. Use the drop down pages to search for information.

To access the videos go to the Officials page, then How to become an Official, and scroll down the page to access the videos. https://www.usaswimming.org/officials/how-to-become-an-official

The USA Swimming Officials Online Testing page is here. You can also access the current rule book, look up the contact information for the LSC officials chairs, and view national certification requirements on this page.

You can find the officials documents and more at the USA Swimming officials document tab here.

Officials PowerPoint Presentations:

Stroke and Turn PowerPoint Presentation: here

Officials Stroke and Turn Briefing (revised 12-5-2017): here

Officials Training Clinic Lesson Plan:  here

Starter PowerPoint Presentation: here

Starter Clinic Video Discussion points: here

Starter Training Clinic Manual: here

Administrative Official Clinic Guideline:  here

Starter, referee, and admin official trainees, please see a referee on your team or the Montana Swimming officials chair for additional information if needed.


Safe Sport Information for Officials:

Officials Safe Sport Power Point Presentation:  here

Athlete Protection Training:

In response to member feedback, beginning September 1, 2019, you may notice the next time you log in that the three courses of the Athlete Protection Training have been streamlined into one. The training course continues to be produced by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and must be completed annually with a renewal date one year from the completion date. All adult athlete and non-athlete members must complete this training. This includes coaches, officials, Junior Coaches and anyone authorized to have regular contact with or authority over a minor athlete. The USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training courses can be found here.    

Concussion Protocol Training

This requirement is new for all coaches and officials in 2020. Though several states have previously passed concussion education requirements, USA Swimming will now require all coaches and officials complete Concussion Protocol Training by January 1, 2020.

  • Courses from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), as well as individual states’ required courses will satisfy the USA Swimming requirement. (For example, if a coach lives/coaches in a state with a concussion education requirement, he/she must only complete this requirement and will not need to complete an additional course). Many high school coaches will have already completed the NFHS training.
  • For USA Swimming membership, coaches and officials must successfully complete concussion and head injury education at least once. Individual states may require annual or continuing education and coaches/officials must abide by the requirements of their home state or states in which they coach or officiate.
  • This requirement is necessary to avoid personal liability for concussion/head strike incidents, ensuring our insurers will continue to provide liability insurance protection to USA Swimming, coaches, officials and clubs. 
  • NOTE -- Officials in Montana who officiate high school swimming must take the NFHS concussion course annually after June 1 and prior to the first MHSA swim competition.


USA Swimming Officials Resource Page (Clinic & Briefing Resources)  here  

USA Swimming Officials Documents Page here

Link to the USA Swimming Officials Resource Page. This page contains news relative to Officiating as well as information about how to become a swimming official. There are also a number of forms related to officiating at USA Swimming meets, including uniform ordering information, and downloads for rules and regulations.