Ordering Radios for Officials to Use at MT Swimming Meets

On October 1, 2017 the Montana Swimming HOD approved monies to support the use of radios at any sanctioned Montana LSC meet within the state for both short and long course seasons.

Montana Swimming has contracted with Day Wireless Services (DWS) to provide the equipment which will include radios, batteries (plus extras), light weight boom-style Push-To-Talk headsets and adequate charging docks for the radios.

Invoices with charges for each order throughout the seasons will be forwarded directly to the Montana LSC treasurer for direct payment back to DWS so you won’t have to worry about that part of the process. The new treasurer (October 2022) is Matt Yovich, 47 Saddle Spur Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715. Check that the invoices will be sent to Matt when ordering.

This is what is required should your team wish to use radios for your meet (be sure to include your meet referee in your planning as training will need to occur during pre-meet briefings):

  • Order placed at least 2-3 weeks or more before the meet date
  • Order via Joan Fuhrman at DWS using email:  [email protected]
  • Order information must include:
    • Number of radios
    • Meet dates (note DWS will take care of getting the equipment to you  a day or two in advance of the first day of the meet)
    • The ship-to address

A team rep should be chosen to be the ship-to person as well as be responsible for repacking (in the same materials originally boxed) and returning the equipment using the provided return shipping label (be careful to NOT DISCARD THIS PAPERWORK which will come in the box with the order) the day after, or, at the latest, the second day after the meet concludes. The ordering team is responsible for any damage charges, late return charges, and/or loss charges, not Montana Swimming LSC.

Radio ordering information sheet    Word    PDF

The purpose for more frequent radio usage at meets is:

  • Expediting communication during meets to maintain reasonable flow of activity
  • Increased accuracy of reporting necessary information
  • Increase opportunities for appropriate training, familiarity and usage of radios by swim officials in our LSC. This is good preparation for those officials wishing to participate in upper level meets and larger in state meets.
  • Attempt to decrease the amount of paper usage per meet. ( USA-S recommendation)