Montana State Records







The Montana Swimming Records Chairperson Michelle Schermerhorn will monitor all in-state meets for new records. 
You need not sumbit any paperwork unless you believe a record has been missed.  
For Championship meets held outside of Montana, we will do our best to retrieve the results file and check for new records.  Again if you believe a record has been missed, please feel free to check with Pam at [email protected]  

For non-championship OUT-OF-STATE meets, it is fully your responsibility to ensure that we receive a completed Record Application signed by a coach or team reprentative in order for the new record to be officially recorded. Additionally the TM results file from the meet should be emailed to the MT Records Chair. It is necessary to have this file to maintain the Montana records database.

Montana State Record Application - Word Version  PDF Version  Emailing instructions included on the form. Record forms updated 2-4-2020.

Teams may request a records file to input into their meet database by e-mailing Michelle at [email protected].