This is a mixed team relay squad
All Distances are Long Course Meters

Current Records are shown in Bold Type
Historical Records are shown below each current record where available

Note: Beginning in 2013 Age Group Zones became a 14U meet only and the Senior Zones meet was added as an open age qualifying meet for the older swimmers



  200 Free Relay 2:26.18 5-Aug-15 @AGZ T Kendall, B Dietrich, A Turner, R Parker  
  400 Free Relay 5:23.73 5-Aug-15 @AGZ T Kendall, R Parker, B Dietrich, A Turner  
  200 Medley Relay 2:48.52 5-Aug-15 @AGZ A Turner, T Kendall, R Parker, B Dietrich  
  400 Medley Relay 6:12.98 5-Aug-15 @AGZ A Turner, B Dietrich, R Parker, T Kendall  
  200 Free Relay 2:21.79 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  400 Free Relay 5:34.72 5-Aug-15 @AGZ ?, I Pachek, H Johnson, K Gyde  
  200 Medley Relay 2:41.21 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  400 Medley Relay 6:23.93 5-Aug-15 @AGZ ?, K Gyde, H Johnson, I Pachek  


  200 Free Relay 2:01.65 7-Aug-19 @AGZ Apostol, W Sundeen, B O'Neil, P Nave  
  400 Free Relay 4:26.72 7-Aug-12 @AGZ Funke, J Bouda, N Peters, E Harder  
  200 Medley Relay 2:11.67 7-Aug-19 @AGZ Sundeen, P Nave, B O'Neil, D Apostol  
  400 Medley Relay 4:52.61 7-Aug-2019 @AGZ    
      5:01.68 7-Aug-12 @AGZ E Harder, N Peters, J Bouda, C Funke  
  200 Free Relay 2:02.09 9-Aug-17 @AGZ Huffmaster, C Kaufman, M Roalson, A Lewis  
      2:04.70 6-Aug-14 @AGZ C Russo, E Lee, R O'Neil, S Monastiere  
  400 Free Relay 4:24.22 6-Aug-14 @AGZ Popp, J Funke, J Peterson, C Russo  
      4:25.45 7-Aug-13 @AGZ L Hall, C Fiddler, G Smart, K Berkoff  
  200 Medley Relay 2:19.51 9-Aug-17 @AGZ Muhlfeld, T Oser, A Lewis, C Kaufman  
      2:21.66 6-Aug-14 @AGZ Funke, S Monastiere, R O'Neil, C Russo  
      2:23.86 7-Aug-13 @AGZ L Hall, G Smart, K Reynolds, K Berkoff  
  400 Medley Relay 4:58.26 6-Aug-14 @AGZ E Lee, J Peterson, A Popp, C Russo  
      5:15.26 7-Aug-13 @AGZ ?, K Berkoff, C Fiddler, L Hall  

13 - 14

  200 Free Relay 1:47.22 4-Aug-21 @AGZ T. Zarbock, W. Sundeen, S. Pizzolato, D. Apostol  
      1:48.92 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      1:53.21 5-Aug-03 @AGZ    
      1:55.38 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  400 Free Relay 3:58.67 9-Aug-17 @AGZ Goetsch, B Vince, P Thompson, R Wagner  
      3:59.04 4-Aug-21 @AGZ T. Zarbock, W. Sundeen, S. Pizzolato, D. Apostol  
      4:00.77 5-Aug-03 @AGZ    
      4:10.94 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  200 Medley Relay 1:55.60 8-Aug-21 @AGZ  W. Sundeen, A. Apostol, S. Pizzolato, P. Nave  
      2:00.67 9-Aug-17 AAGZ P Thompson, Q Oser, R Wagner, C Goetsch  
      2:04.95 8-Aug-06 @AGZ    
      2:05.10 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      2:07.83 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  400 Medley Relay 4:12.92 4-Aug-21 @AGZ W. Sundeen, D. Apostol, S. Pizzolato, T. Zarbock  
      4:30.80 8-Aug-06 @AGZ    
      4:34.71 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      4:40.53 5-Aug-03 @AGZ    
      4:41.48 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
  200 Free Relay 1:54.56 5-Aug-15 @AGZ Popp, J Peterson, A Condit, C Russo  
      1:56.49 6-Aug-14 @AGZ Aoki, G Smart, J Ecklund, K Berkoff  
      1:56.65 10-Aug-10 @AGZ J Marsh, H Jacobson, H Leach, K Zimmer  
      1:56.89 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Free Relay 4:14.24 10-Aug-04 @AGZ ?, ?, ?, ?  
      4:17.50 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  200 Medley Relay 2:06.80 10-Aug-10 @AGZ K Zimmer, W Peters, J Marsh, H Leach  
      2:08.00 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Medley Relay 4:40.12 10-Aug-10 @AGZ H Jacobson, W Peters, K Zimmer, J Marsh  
      4:46.48 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    

15 - 21

  200 Free Relay 1:40.64 7-Aug-12 @AGZ Jn Loyda, P Kotson, Ja Loyda, L Streit  
      1:41.62 9-Aug-11 @AGZ Loyda, M Wehr, B Brennan, P Kotson  
      1:42.85 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      1:44.16 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      1:46.70 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Free Relay 3:42.37 9-Aug-11 @AGZ Loyda, M Johnson, B Brennan, P Kotson  
      3:45.59 5-Aug-08 @AGZ Kampschroer, D Nurse, T Ross, D Lair  
      3:51.11 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      4:10.46 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  800 Free Relay 8:09.95 29-Jul-15 @SrZ E Harder, D Faust, P Brennan, C Berkoff  
      8:19.04 31-Jul-13 @SrZ Oja, J Smith, P Brennan, B Smith  
  200 Medley Relay 1:55.65 7-Aug-12 @AGZ J Loyda, A Zimmer, G Gibson, L Streit  
      1:56.52 9-Aug-11 @AGZ Loyda, M Johnson, B Brennan, P Kotson  
      1:57.65 5-Aug-08 @AGZ Shrader, E Lara, A Bovard, S Higgins  
      1:58.42 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      1:59.66 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Medley Relay 4:05.60 29-Jul-15 @SrZ Berkoff, J Bouda, C Babcock, E Harder  
      4:11.86 30-Jul-14 @SrZ Berkoff, P Allen, P Brennan, B Campbell  
      4:14.26 9-Aug-11 @AGZ Loyda, P Allen, B Brennan, P Kotson  
      4:17.29 5-Aug-08 @AGZ Shrader, E Lara, A Bovard, P Szekely  
      4:18.14 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      4:20.60 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      4:26.68 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  200 Free Relay 1:54.02 7-Aug-12 @AGZ A Schmidt, E Sullivan, A Wheeler, M Crist  
      1:54.17 9-Aug-11 @AGZ Crist, H Jacobson, K Kleppelid, K Cummings  
      1:54.75 5-Aug-08 @AGZ K Robinson, D Bloch, M Tornatore, M Arciello  
      1:55.47 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      1:58.93 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      1:59.52 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Free Relay 4:05.43 5-Aug-08 @AGZ D Bloch, M Tornatore, K Robinson, M Arciello  
      4:16.45 8-Aug-06 @AGZ    
      4:20.09 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      4:23.83 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  800 Free Relay 8:58.33 29-Jul-15 @SrZ H Hamlin, S Layton, J Ecklund, M Aoki  
      9:14.43 31-Jul-13 @SrZ W Peters, A Boese, D Benda, H Hamlin  
  200 Medley Relay 2:07.88 7-Aug-12 @AGZ A Wheeler, E Sullivan, A Schmidt, M Crist  
      2:08.26 9-Aug-11 @AGZ M Crist, H Jacobson, A Peter, K Kleppelid  
      2:09.46 5-Aug-08 @AGZ Tornatore, E Brennan, D Bloch, M Arciello  
      2:12.01 10-Aug-04 @AGZ    
      2:14.05 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      2:18.31 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
  400 Medley Relay 4:36.42 29-Jul-15 @SrZ S Layton, M Aoki, H Hamlin, J Ecklund  
      4:37.07 5-Aug-08 @AGZ J Denny, E Brennan, D Bloch, M Arciello  
      4:46.71 6-Aug-02 @AGZ    
      5:07.84 7-Aug-01 @AGZ    
Relay records updated 2-22-2022.