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The Montana Swimming Operational Risk Safety Chair is Caty Flikkema from Bozeman  email  or phone 406-539-1849.

Accidents seldom “just happen,” and many can be prevented. According to the National Safety Council, 85 percent of all accidents are preventable; accidents that might have occurred are prevented or reduced by those who develop and execute risk management programs. 

Safety should always be our first concern on the pool deck.

Concussion Information

Effective January 15, 2020, all coaches and officials must complete the concussion training certification requirements once and submit a copy of the completion certification to the LSC registration chair.

Per Montana law as well as the Montana Swimming rules and regulations, all coaches and officials must compete the concussion training certification requirements (by completing either the NFHS course or the CDC Heads Up course) annually. The initial certification certificate must be submitted to the LSC registration chair to comply with USAS rules. Each year afterwards, clubs are required to track compliance by their coaches and officials with this rule. For officials who also officiate high school sports, it is recommended that the NFHS concussion training course be completed after June 1 each year. 

The NFHS and CDC Heads Up courses are free. NFHS Concussion Course   CDC Concussion Course

Concussion Information and handouts for Athletes, Parents, Coaches, and Clubs

  •  Concussion Fact Sheet for Athletes   PDF
  • Concussion Fact Sheet for Parents   PDF
  • Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches   PDF
  • Heads Up Concussion Guide for Coaches  PDF ​
  • Concussion Information for Parents and Swimmers Athletes (with signature lines for athlete and parent)   PDF
  • ​Parents Guide to Concussions   PDF
  • Suggested Guidelines for Concussion Management April 2017   PDF
  • ​​Concussion Signs and Symptoms Poster   PDF
  • Concussion Poster - Don't Hide It, Report It, Recover   PDF
  • Heads Up Concussion Action Plan   PDF 
  • Return to Learn American Academy of Pediatrics Article   PDF
  • Return to Play Policies   PDF
  • Signs and Symptoms of Concussion 1 Page Handout   PDF
  • Concussion Facts Handout with Area for Important Phone Numbers   PDF
  • Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist for Teams/Schools   PDF
  • Concussion Checklist for School Nurses   PDF
  • Dylan Steigers Protection of Youth Athletes Act
  • Possible Concussions at the Pool Checklist   PDF

  • Concussion Information Acknowledgement for California Meets   Word   Fillable PDF


NEW! Concussion Protocols for Coaches and Athletes Attending Swim Meets in California:


California has modified existing school concussion law to apply the concussion requirements to youth sports organizations in which athletes participate, including swimming. (April 2018)

These requirements apply to out of state coaches whose swimmers are attending any meets in California including Sectionals, Futures, Junior Nationals, Phillips 66 Nationals or the TYR Pro Swim Series meet.

  1. The law requires that a youth athletic program must immediately remove an athlete from an athletic activity for the remainder of the day, if the athlete is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury , and prohibit the athlete from returning to the activity until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider, trained in the management of concussions, and acting within the scope of his or her practice. The athlete must receive written clearance from the licensed health care provider to return to the athletic activity.  If the athlete is diagnosed with a concussion, they must go through a graduated return to play protocol of no less than seven days under the supervision of a licensed health care provider. Youth sports organizations must also notify the parents or guardians of athletes 17 or younger who have been removed from athletic activities due to suspected concussions.
  2. Coaches and administrators must successfully complete the concussion and head injury education required under the bill at least once either online or in person. The following courses from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) satisfy the requirements. Coaches and administrators must keep evidence of passing these courses to provide to your LSC.

CDC Concussion Course

NFHS Concussion Course

  1. Youth sports organizations must also give a concussion and head injury information sheet to each athlete. The Acknowledgment form shall be signed and returned by the athlete and, if the athlete is 17 years of age or younger, shall also be signed by the athlete’s parent or guardian, before the athlete initiates practice or competition. The information sheet and acknowledgement may be sent and returned through an electronic medium including, but not necessarily limited to, fax or electronic mail. The Acknowledgement form is a Word document and you may add your team logo and team name to the form. At some swim meets you may be required to turn in a copy of the Acknowledgement, please be sure to keep a copy with your team.

Concussion Information Sheet for Parents and Swimmers
Concussion Information Acknowledgement for California

  1. USA Swimming has also developed concussion and head injury education materials for coaches and administrators. Attached is a concussion at the pool checklist for coaches, officials, and parents.

Concussion at the pool Checklist

If you have any questions on this please contact George Ward, Senior Director of Risk Management, USA Swimming