International Water Safety Day, celebrated on May 15th each year,

is designed to help spread global awareness of the ongoing drowning

pandemic, and to educate youth in becoming safer in and around water.

The lack of water safety education has propelled drownings worldwide.

According to the World Health Organization…

  • Every hour, every day, more than 40 people lose their lives to drowning;
  • 372,000 people drown each year, with those under 5 years old at greatest risk;
  • Globally, over half of all drowning deaths are under 25 years old.

If you or your children do not know how to swim, get started by enrolling in swim lessons today.  It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

For more information go to

 Child Pool Safety Pledge

Adult Pool Safety Pledge

IWSD Community Letter

Resource Guide   PDF

IWSD is a global team effort. Through our network of educators, youth leaders, and volunteers we are able to reach exponentially more people. Our goal is to, for the second year in a row, reach over 1,000,000+ young people in-school or through community activities on May 15th. But we need your help!

If you can't host a water safety lesson than the least we could ask for is a social share about the ongoing global drowning pandemic and the importance of learning to swim. Thank you in advance for celebrating!

Just 15 minutes on May 15th!

Interested in providing a water safety lesson on May 15th? Sign up here! Register by May 1 and we will send you our 15-minute lesson plan along with water safety stickers at no cost to you (while supplies last). 

Free Stickers:

**We will mail stickers same day as we receive request. We will do our best to get them to you prior to May 15th**